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Oh Well that Promise didn’t last too long. President-elect Barack Obama Promised that he would run a government that would reach across the aisle. The one who will set the tone for everyone else in the administration is the Chief of Staff. According to reports the Job has been offered to (and accepted by Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel. If he ever reaches across the Aisle it would probably be with one of those billy clubs that those two guys were waving in front of the Philadelphia polling place yesterday.

Emanual is a Take No Prisoners liberal ideologue best known for cracking heads.
Emanual is pro gun control, anti Iraq war, anti Patriot act, anti drilling for oil, pro socialized medicine, supports open boarders, and pro affirmative action.

Three years ago he was described by Fortune Magazine as Rahm Emanuel, Pitbull politician He’s a killer strategist and nonstop fundraiser, with a style one ally likens to a “toothache.”

When he was in the Clinton Administration Emanuel’s take-no-prisoners attitude — he earned the nickname “Rahm-bo” — won him respect and enemies among co-workers, as well as political foes. In a story that has become part of Washington lore, Emanuel mailed a rotting fish to a former co-worker after the two parted ways.

Gee, doesn’t really sound like a “reach across the aisle” type of guy to me.

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