It’s one thing when the Obama Administration messes with my health insurance, its no big deal that they messed with my banking…but this is WAY over the line. President Obama’s illegally constituted NLRB wants to mess with my cable/internet/telephone provider.

Cablevision as asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in an
investigation by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) about
complaints involving 22 former workers that were allegedly wrongfully

The Owners of my Optimum TV/Internet and telephone and the union
Communications Workers of America have
been fighting for the much of the last year, but now the Union has  gotten the illegally formed/union skewed NLRB involved.

Two separate federal appeals courts ruled   “recess
appointments” President Obama made  to the National Labor
Relations Board were an abuse of power,  that he acted when the Senate
was not actually in a recess and because those two positions have never been legally filled, the NLRV  has not had quorum to
operate.  A January ruling nullified the appointments of of Richard Griffin (2012-present)
and Sharon Block (2012-present), and a May ruling invalidated the
earlier appointment of Craig Becker  who served from 2010-2012.

On July 1st Cablevision filed an emergency application for a stay with the Chief Justice of the United States seeking an immediate suspension of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) active pursuit of CWA complaints against the Company. The Company is seeking immediate relief from the Supreme Court to stay an upcoming NLRB administrative trial (Chief Justice Roberts acts as the Circuit Justice for the D.C. Circuit).

Commenting on its legal action at the Supreme Court, Cablevision offered the following statement:

“The role of Congress is to ensure a balanced NLRB and the Obama Administration bypassed Congress in order to stack the NLRB in favor of Big Labor. Two different federal courts — the D.C. Circuit and the Third Circuit — have established that the NLRB is illegally constituted and has no authority to take action. The NLRB continues to ignore these rulings, and we ask the Supreme Court to compel the NLRB to immediately halt its unlawful proceedings against Cablevision.”

The illegally constituted NLRB is stacked
with labor union activists who have issued biased decisions that have
advanced Big Labor’s agenda, reversed decades of rulings, and killed job
creation while attacking employers (remember how they tried to stop Boeing from opening up an additional factor).

The activist NLRB is attempting to block Cablevision workers in Brooklyn
from voting on whether or not to continue with union representation from
the Communications Workers of America (CWA). The CWA represents a small number of Cablevision employees in Brooklyn, and in February, those employees petitioned the NLRB for a vote to determine whether the CWA will continue to represent them. The employees are still waiting for the opportunity to have that vote, which has been blocked by the NLRB. Instead, the NLRB has issued baseless complaints against Cablevision, and the administrative trial in that case is currently scheduled to start later this month.

Unions of course represent a major political supporter of the progressive movement and the president and Democrats in Congress will do anything they can to ensure the NLRB remains a Union tool.

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