In the words of the great Bette Davis “Fasten Your seat belts….”

The appointment of George Mitchell as Mideast envoy is just the first official step in President Obama’s promise to present Israel to the Arab world on a silver platter. Mitchell doesn’t get it on so many levels. First there was Mitchell’s comparison of the Middle East to the British Conflict with the terrorists in Northern Ireland.

But there is so much more that Mitchell doesn’t get. Mitchell does not believe that morality or right and wrong should come into to play in negotiations. Or to put it another way, if George Mitchell was King Solomon, the poor baby would have been cut in half. Mitchell places equal blame on Israel and the terrorists for the Middle East conflict. Just take a look at some of the things he said in April 2001 in the infamous “Mitchell Report:”

“Israel and the Palestinian Authority must act swiftly and decisively to halt the violence,” not the Palestinian Arabs must end their suicide bombings and terrorism, Israel has committed no terrorism against the Arabs.

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“Neither party exercised restraint at the beginning of terror war in September 2000.” But George it was a terror war. Arafat was sending terrorists to commit mass murder how about placing blame where it belonged…the terror.

“Israel and the Palestinian Authority should reaffirm their commitment to existing agreements and should immediately implement a cessation of violence.” Israel has fulfilled most of their commitments, the Palestinians have not.

“The Palestinian Authority and Israel should work together to establish a “cooling off period” and implement additional confidence building measures.” Cooling off? Stop the homicide bombings and everything would have cooled off.

“The Palestinian Authority and Israel should identify, condemn, and discourage incitement” Hard for Israel to do at the time since it was virtually all on the Palestinian Authority side.
“Palestinian Authority and Israel should undertake to preserve and protect holy places sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians.” Give me one example where Israel didn’t do that. Palestinians have destroyed Jacob’s Tomb, Trashed Rachel’s Tomb and other Jewish holy sites.

“Leaders on both sides must act and speak decisively to reverse dangerous trend of sense of futility and despair and a growing resort to violence. They must rekindle the desire and drive for peace.” Israel has been seeking peace. Both Fatah and Hamas still call for the destruction of Israel. Both Hamas and Fatah still engage in terrorist acts to this day.
“Parties must protect human rights.” Human Rights!?!? Only one side sends rockets into civilian areas. Only one side send people into the middle of Passover Seders to blow up dozens of people. That same side uses its own children as human shields.

End the cycle of violence.” He sounds like Bill Hemmer with that most ignorant of phrases, “cycle of violence.” So when the US went in to Afghanistan after 9/11 was that cycle of violence?

“Both sides expressed concerns about hateful language and images emanating from the other, citing numerous examples of hostile sectarian and ethnic rhetoric in the Palestinian and Israeli media, in school curricula and in statements by religious leaders, politicians and others.” One problem Only the Palestinian side has the hateful language in their curricula, etc. George, just because both sides say it doesn’t mean it’s true. The Palestinians also say that the Holocaust never happened does that make it fact?

“Each side mistrusts the other, believing that it really doesn’t want peace.” It’s the Palestinians that have shown little interest in peace, all Israel has done is a long series of one-sided concessions.

Then there were the unfair criticisms of Israel in his report like:

He demanded that “Israel must freeze all settlement activity, including “natural growth” of existing settlements. So children of Jewish people in those areas can’t live near their parents? Maybe it is just racism. Only Jews can’t live in Judea and Samaria.
He said that “settlements violate the spirit of Oslo,” Wrong!!! George you need to re-read Oslo. There was no mention of settlements being frozen in the Oslo agreements that Arafat signed.

Mitchell’s report demanded that “Israel lift closures, ensure that security forces and settlers refrain from destruction of homes and roads, trees and agricultural properties in Palestinian areas. These measures have disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs.” Israel would be happy to do that just as soon as the terrorists stop using the trees, roads and homes to hide in while shooting at Israelis.

“Israel appears not to comprehend the humiliation and frustration that the Palestinians endure everyday as a result of living with the effects of occupation, sustained by the presence of Israeli military forces and settlements in their midst.” I can answer that with one word, disengagement. We know how that helped to make peace.

He said, “The widely seen images of the killing of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura in Gaza, shot as he huddled behind his father, reinforced the perception that Israel had contempt for the lives and safety of Palestinians.” True and the Wizard of Oz reinforced contempt for witches and flying monkeys. The only difference is that the Wizard of Oz was a fictional book before it was a fictional movie. Just as real as the Wizard of Os Muhammad al-Dura was not a book first.

He said, Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount (September 2000) “was poorly timed and the provocative effect should have been foreseen.” Yes that makes sense, because only Jews are not allowed to enter Judaism’s Holiest Site.

George Mitchell is exactly what Barack Obama wanted and what the 78% of Jews who voted for Obama promised would never happen.

Source the Mitchell Report