Yes America If the government shuts down puppies will die, angels won’t get their wings, and Dorothy will never make it back to Kansas.  The President didn’t go that far in his latest statement but with all repetitive rhetoric and half-truths but  one gets the feeling that is next.

Obama took the unusual step of going into the briefing room to bash the GOP as hot potato of a continuing resolution was tossed back into the House of Representatives after the Senate rejected the House’s fall-back resolution. Everyone is hoping that both houses will agree on measures to fund
the government past midnight, when the current fiscal year expires, however both the Senate and the President refuse to negotiate.

In fact  according to sources quoted in Politico, Harry Reid says  he will refuse to attend a negotiation at the White House because
House Republicans have to cave and surrender to his terms, it is time to
stand firm. Another senior, unnamed Democratic official was quoted Monday morning calling for no negotiations and saying “it’s time to punch the bully in the nose,” it is time to stand firm (at least they are calling us bullies instead of terrorists and/or racists).

GOP members of congressargue that Obamacare must be, at the very
least, delayed.But efforts to stop Obamacare, the president said, are futile, in other words to hell with what the voters want.

matter what Congress decides to do today, the Affordable Care Act is
moving forward. That funding is already in place. You can’t shut it

Perhaps due to too much sun from all those rounds of golf, Obama seemed to confuse the continuing resolution with raising the debt ceiling saying the said all involved must negotiate in good faith without
a threat of a debt default. Of course those are pretty strong words from a president who refuses to negotiate.
There is also word that Frau Farbissina AKA Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) will buck his party
leadership and vote against bringing anything but a “clean” government-funding bill–come on Rep King..even if it provides funds for the IRA or any of your other favorite Irish terrorist groups.
According to reports the vast majority of GOP lawmakers leaving the closed-door caucus meeting 
scoffed at the idea of passing a “clean” bill that simply funds the
government ahead of Monday night’s deadline. Most said the idea didn’t
even come up in the meeting as GOP leaders put forward their latest
plan: to pass a bill that funds the government through mid-December but
also delays by a year the individual mandate portion of the health care
law. Their bill would also end federal health care subsidies for Hill
staffers and lawmakers.

According to Harry Reid it was bills like this that killed off the Unicorns.