Six months into his second administration Barack Obama’s Presidency has become overrun with scandal. The events of the past seven days; the Benghazi hearings, the news about twelve revisions of the Benghazi talking points, the IRS scandal and yesterday’s Justice Dept. attack on freedom of the Press via the AP phone records, is a lot of “distractions” during course of a four-year-term, however this is only one week. Presidents tend to have problems their second term–but Obama’s second term problems seemed jacked up on steroids.

The Obama administration may be buckling under the weight of its own hubris, but they had help. Obama’s hubris suckled at the teat of the mainstream media.

In Benghazi, the administration told a tale of events which suited their own purposes–reelection. And just to make their story look good they ran advertising in the Muslim world apologizing for a YouTube video we now know had nothing to do with the attack. They also threw the video’s creator in jail, where he still sits t as a political prisoner of an administration who does not believe in the First Amendment. The cover-up of Benghazi was undertaken because the administration believed they could get away with it–they had always gotten away with it before.

When criticism of the Administration’s story line began to arise, those critics were told to back off, the President said they should back off here was nothing to see it’s all a political ploy. The mainstream media refused to look into the charges because Obama said it wasn’t so- for eight months they backed him up.

It didn’t start with Benghazi; it began at the very beginning of his administration. Eric Holder dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers because his department felt that only Caucasians could commit voter intimidation, whistle blowers came out to say this justice department treated whites different than blacks. The media saw it as a non-story and Obama’s belief that he could get away with anything grew.

When other scandals began to break, Solyndra, Fast and Furious; when the $800 billion dollar stimulus was spent on useless pork, when the Obama Administration told lies about Obamacare, when the President made recess appointments even though the Senate was in session, when he sent our heroes to Libya without congressional approval or an exit plan— every situation where a free press would investigate a government the press neglected its duty and instead echoed the “move on, nothing to see here” coming out of the White House. And Obama’s hubris grew.

When Mitt Romney who, whether you agree with his politics or not, is a decent man, was attacked personally with lies from Obama’s campaign; that he hated women, he wanted people to drink dirty water, that he didn’t pay taxes, or he caused the cancer death of a steelworkers wife, the press gave them a free ride. And still Obama’s hubris grew.

When grass roots Americans rose up to complain about the attack on personal freedoms and excessive government spending, the press joined with the administration ridiculing the people and their attacks on those Americans as racists. Obama knew the press would protect him.

Something seemed to change last Wednesday when a 20+-year civil servant (and a life-long Democrat) testified before the Issa committee telling the country the truth about Benghazi, what it felt like to live through that horror. He told a story much different than the “official” media/administration tale that he was ordered to stay silent even to a member of Congress. He told us how he tried to correct the Administration’s lies and for that was demoted, ridiculed, and had any real authority taken away from him. The Administration still tries to tell us to move on, but this time it isn’t working.

On Friday we learned the IRS had been targeting this President’s political opponents. Though his opponents have made these charges on and off for the past three years, the press had ridiculed those who had been wronged—conspiracy theorists they were called. But this time instead of feeding this President’s hubris, they investigated and found that even Friday’s story was a lie, it wasn’t junior people in Cincinnati but a scandal that reached senior people in the IRS (and maybe higher).

Yesterday’s story of the Justice Department secretly obtaining the phone records of the Associated Press was poetic justice. There was nothing illegal about it because the DOJ obtained a warrant from a Judge but it was a frightening attack on the first amendment right of freedom of speech; just as the Obamacare regulations about mandatory insurance for birth control and “day after pills”, etc., were an attack on the first amendment right of freedom of religion. Why did the DOJ attack the freedom of the Press? Because they could! After all throughout all of the other scandals, throughout the attacks on our constitution, the press fed this administration’s hubris by ignoring the wrong, the scandal, the abuse of power.

But this time the Obama administration attacked a major press organization. Immediately the National Press Club complained about this affront to freedom of the press. The liberal media is complaining about this overreach of power.

In truth they have no right to. They created this “monster” whose hubris taught him he could get away with anything. Every single time they had an opportunity to explore Obama’s actions, they shied away, thus feeding his sense of invulnerability. Why are they surprised when,  like the monster created by Victor Frankenstein, their creation which lives on arrogance and entitlement– attacks its creator the mainstream media.

Will the media’s desire for self-preservation force it to execute its responsibilities and thus seek the truth? Or after a few days of whining will it once again allow this President to build his arrogance, his hubris on the teat of the mainstream media?

Only time will tell.