Pamela of Atlas Has Put in Tons of Hard Work going through Obama’s Donation Records:

Obama’s Anonymous Foreign Donors and Other Bizarre Illegal Activity

The treasurer must check committee records regularly to make sure that successive contributions from one contributor remain within the limits. $50 Limit on Anonymous Contributions An anonymous contribution is limited to $50. Any amount in excess of $50 may not be used for federal election purposes. 110.4(c)(3). I have been pouring over docs from Obama’s foreign contributions and it’s rotten. As I pointed out here, there are way too many overseas contributions and I find it hard to believe they are all American citizens. $500,000 came into the campaign via “not employed” people. How does the FEC monitor that? Ranging in value from 75 cents to $250 (well over the anonymous limit) there are 81 donations from all the world (and this is just in the document I have been analyzing). It is rather suspicious that all 81 anonymous donations are devoid of any identification information. My file on anonymous donations: Download Atlas-AllAnnonymous.pdf For example, there are two donations on sequential on the 13th and 14th of February of $250 $250 by anonymous country “information requested” no employer no occupation. Again, over the maximum allowed for anonymous contributions. Mind this list is not complete. I have no idea how much more there is. If one lists by city, there is $223,000 from “information requested” (meaning no info) city. Helloooooooooooo. These are some big donations. Download Atlas-Allindividualdonations.pdf Single Donors from overseas that exceed the legal limit: Single amounts from $4,600 from Margaret Vento (homemaker) on the 8th of June 2007 her country and state was unidentified. There 5 donations of $4,600. There are three individuals Philip Ryan who works for Credit Suisse, London and he gave four separate donations: On 31st of March 2007, he gave $2,300. Then on the 29th of September he gave $2,300 which was then “given back” and on the same day gave he gave $4,600. Philip Ryan of London gave of total of $6,900 in the year 2007. The next bizarre donor is Richard Baumann (UK lawyer) has a total of 29, yes folks, 29 transactions. Seven of which are negative. And the balance of which are of course positive. The total of $4,850 over the legal number. Strangely enough, the all date January, February, May of ’08. They range from $25 to $2,125. What a frickin mess.
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