Shaun Casey, a liberal evangelical who teaches at Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C is the Evangelical out reach director for the Obama Campaign he also an apologist for the Palestinians. In July 2007 he joined other liberal preachers in sending a letter to the President which ignores the fact that Israel’s last three Prime Ministers have called for Palestinian state and current Palestinian leaders still call for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State. It also blames Israel for the Mideast Problems, and draws a moral equivalence between Palestinian Terror and Israel’s self defense:

….. Genuine love and genuine blessing means acting in ways that promote the genuine and long-term well being of our neighbors. Perhaps the best way we can bless Israel is to encourage her to remember, as she deals with her neighbor Palestinians, the profound teaching on justice that the Hebrew prophets proclaimed so forcefully as an inestimably precious gift to the whole world.

……Both Israelis and Palestinians have committed violence and injustice against each other. The only way to bring the tragic cycle of violence to an end is for Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate a just, lasting agreement that guarantees both sides viable, independent, secure states. To achieve that goal, both sides must give up some of their competing, incompatible claims. Israelis and Palestinians must both accept each other’s right to exist.

The letter has no call for the end of terrorism, no call for Fatah and Hamas to remove their call for the destruction of Israel out of their charters, No call for the recognition of Israel as a JEWISH State. In fact they are careful not to mention the Jewishness of Israel the closest the letter gets is by talking about Jew and the CURRENT State of Israel. No mention of Jews in Israel and hinting that there will be a future state of Israel that will be different.
Folks this is America and the Reverend Casey can have any view he wants. But this is just ANOTHER EXAMPLE of Senator Obama saying that he is Pro-Israel and allying himself with people who are are not as pro-Israel as HE proclaims. If he is so pro-Israel shouldn’t he do a better job in picking his allies?