President Obama is in the middle of his annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii, the 50th State (out of 57?) but it was only three months ago he visited Alaska, the 49th state to promote the global re-distribution of income policy also known as man-made climate change. When he visited the glaciers in Alaska, Obama claimed that global warming was melting the glaciers, which was another of the many lies he’s told during his White House tenure, and his biggest climate lie of the year.  The glaciers in Alaska been melting since before the American Revolution. But the good news is that the Arctic ice caps are growing:

President Barack Obama walked down a winding wooded path, past a small brown post marked “1926” and a glacial stream trickling over gravel that eons of ice have scraped off mountain peaks.


He reached another post reading “1951”, a marker for the edge of Alaska’s Exit Glacier that year, and gazed up toward where the rock-rutted ice mass has since receded, a quarter mile away.


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“This is as good a signpost of what we’re dealing with on climate change as just about anything,” Obama told reporters near the base of the glacier.


Although there weren’t any physical markers, glacial melting is nothing new they have been receding before this country had a president, heck before we had a constitution.   Lets go back in history…take a look at this news article from 1952 which says the glaciers in Alaska had already lost half their size:


Some of the climate change theorists believe that man-made global warming started in the 1950s so let’s go back further–how about 1923?


A look at the map below of Glacier Bay in Alaska one can see where the glaciers are today vs. where they were up to at various points back to about 1760 just before the American Revolution (and long before “climate change.”  Unless Gen. Washington led the revolutionary army in SUVs there was no problem with greenhouse gasses back then.  In fact if you look at the map much of the melting took place before the 20th century.  Perhaps Barack Obama believes Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and melted the glaciers?

Note: the source of the three pictures above is the Real Science Blog

A 2014 peer-reviewed paper in the scientific journal The Cryosphere finds global glaciers melted at the same rate in the first half of the 20th century as in the second half. As explained in the blog The Hockey Schtick:

This implies no man-made influence on glacier melt, since the melting began naturally at the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850 with “safe” CO2 levels, and continued at the same rate throughout the 20th century with no acceleration. The authors predict glacier mass loss will continue at the same rate in the 21st century and have “relatively weak dependence” on future greenhouse gas emissions.


Since glacier mass loss is the largest single cause of sea level rise, this explains why there has been no acceleration of sea level rise over the past 100-200 years and why sea level rise is also unlikely to accelerate in the 21st century.


The lack of any acceleration in glacier mass loss and sea level rise in the 20th century despite an exponential rise in greenhouse gases proves that both of these processes are primarily natural and unrelated to CO2. During prior interglacials, most glaciers disappeared, as well as the entire ice sheet of Greenland and West Antarctica, all entirely natural and with “safe” levels of CO2. There is no evidence the current interglacial is any different. 

Lets take a look at what’s been happening since Obama was elected.  Wait, check that.  Let’s take a look at what’s been happening since Bill Clinton was president–absolutely nothing. Based on the satellite data, there has been no global warming since February 1997. Back then Al Gore had a real job, and it was before he invested all that money in green energy products.


That’s right, the satellite monthly global mean surface temperature  shows no global warming for 18 years and 9 months. There was warming before Feb. 97, and thanks to the El Nino there may be warming in the near future (at least until the La Niña starts or the lack of sunspot activity throws us into a mini ice age as some scientists are predicting).

Those claims of the hottest temperatures on record are “sort of”  true also. Firstly they are talking warmest by a hundredth of a degree. Secondly it uses land based temperature readings rather than satellite data. Climate scientists actually preferred the satellite data as being more accurate until it started disproving their global warming hypothesis.

I hate to upset the president but the truth is the Arctic ice cap is growing.  If he checked out the science rather than listen to the idle warnings of the climate change community, President Obama would have felt much better about his trip to the 49th state.

Based on the graph below, dated 12/18/15 and published on the Real Science  blog, but created by the Danish Meteorological Institute (which is run by the Danish Government), the Arctic sea ice extent (the area of the sea covered by ice) this year is larger than it’s been since 2004 (perhaps Obama should blame Bush?).

In other words if the ice cap could talk it would say, “Baby I’m Back!”   It seems as if the ice cap size ebbs and flows for natural reasons and has nothing to do with CO2 in the air. That’s why as the carbon in the atmosphere has been growing in the last century we’ve seen the ice grow, recede, and grow again.

In fact the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is at its highest level in almost13,000 years. Approximately 12,750 years ago before big cars and coal plants CO2 levels were higher than today. And during some past ice ages levels were up to 20x today’s levels–ice ages, that’s a lot of polar ice that didn’t melt.

Perhaps Barack Obama thought news doesn’t travel very well from Alaska and that’s why he lied about glacier shrinkage, about the ice caps, and about an increase in temperatures. A examination of the scientific facts proves that his statements made while in the 49th state were nothing short of denial of the existing science.