Sometimes a politician says something so ridiculous that you think its something out of a satire.  But I assure you that everything below actually did come out of the mouth of the President of the United States.

Defending his brand of world politics, President Barack Obama said Sunday that he is “strengthening our hand” by reaching out to enemies of the United States and making sure that the nation is a leader, not a lecturer, of democracy.

Obama’s foreign doctrine emerged across his four-day trip to Latin America, his first extended venture to a region of the world where resentment of U.S. power still lingers. He got a smile, handshakes and even a gift from incendiary leftist leader Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and embraced overtures of new relations from isolated Cuban President Raul Castro.

“The whole notion was that if we showed courtesy or opened up dialogue with governments that had previously been hostile to us, that that somehow would be a sign of weakness,”  Source MSNBC

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The President’s actions the week in the Caribbean, and indeed his similar actions since the January 20th Inaugural, have not only served to appease the terrorists, but has eroded the prestige of the Office of the President of the United States.

Back in the days before Obama (BO) a meeting with the President of the United States (or any senior member of the US Government) was considered a valuable thing. A foreign leaders who was not an ally had to earn a meeting. Even allies who had upset the president in some way were not able to meet the President. A presidential meeting was a goal for foreign leader not to be given away lightly. Now it is given away like nickel candy.

Often during those meetings president have told foreign leaders about democracy, not necessarily a lecture, but as a leader of the free world, he should also be an advocate for freedom.  So the comment about being a leader not a lecturer is not consistent with a leader of the free world.

While one can appreciate the President’s Idealism, the truth is the only ideal world ever found was in the pages of an economics text book, never in real life.

International relations is not about “making nice” it is more of a “horse trade.” The President’s naivite’ about forign relations is making the Unites States look like only one side of the horse.