Once again, our President has shown himself willing to be snookered by any lie coming out of a terrorist state.

During his speech to the UN last week, President Obama said:

 “The Supreme Leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons.”

Its a nice little story but the truth shows the  Supreme Leader Khamenei has never issued such a fatwa, and no one has been able to produce one.  The tale about  Khamenei’s anti-nuke fatwa has been used by the Iranian regime and its spokesmen for several years. In fact each time the Fatwa was mentioned, it was given a different year of issue (some of the years given include 2005, 2007, and 2012) but the actual “fatwa” was never presented.

No President has fallen for this bull story until now:

The organization MEMRI has research with regard to this “fatwa” and has published reports demonstrating that it is a lie .

  • Renewed Iran-West Nuclear Talks – Part II: Tehran Attempts to Deceive U.S. President Obama, Sec’y of State Clinton With Nonexistent Anti-Nuclear Weapons Fatwa By Supreme Leader Khamenei.
  • This past August MEMRI updated their information with–Release Of Compilation Of Newest Fatwas By Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei – Without Alleged Fatwa About Nuclear Bomb 

Just like the Palestinian claim that there was never a Jewish Temple on top of the Temple Mount, the Iranian regime believes that its frequent repetition of the “fatwa” lie will make it accepted as truth. To date, the Europeans refuse to accept it. According to unofficial sources, the legal advisors of the EU3 made an official request to the Iranian regime in 2005 to provide a copy of the “fatwa,” but in vain.

In other words a Fatwa is worth the paper it is printed on. To date their has been none issued against nuclear weapons. But that hasn’t stopped Barack Obama from being snookered.