Today’s New York Times gives the impression that things at the Obamacare website may be much worse than “advertised.” Apparently the administration spent last week approaching contractors to see if they can fix the site by November first.  Some of the contractors once said the site wont be able to run smoothly until after December 15th.

In interviews, experts said the technological problems of the site went far beyond the roadblocks to creating accounts that continue to prevent legions of users from even registering. Indeed, several said, the login problems, though vexing to consumers, may be the easiest to solve. One specialist said that as many as five million lines of software code may need to be rewritten before the Web site runs properly.

“The account creation and registration problems are masking the problems that will happen later,” said one person involved in the repair effort.

The website’s code is a bloated as the rest of the federal bureaucracy.

According to one specialist, the Web site contains about 500 million
lines of software code. By comparison, a large bank’s computer system
is typically about one-fifth that size.

While the White House has announced the number of people who have been able to register for the site is now 475,000  those same  officials declined to say how many have actually enrolled in insurance plans. Insurance company officials have said  their numbers have been low.

An indication that the failure of the sign up system is beginning to disturb the President is his return of Campaign Mode.

On Monday, Mr. Obama will host a Rose Garden event with people who have successfully enrolled in the health care exchanges.

Now that the shut down is over, attention is being paid to the failure of the healthcare site.  And if the NY Times, the bible of the progressive left is covering the screw ups things have to be bad.