Lets face it, if there is anything more frightening than the words “President Obama” for the future of the United States, its the words “Second Term of President Obama.” Free of the political constraints of having to run for reelection, and not really caring about the rest of his party (he didn’t during the health care debate), Obama would be able to shove down the throat of Americans (via executive fiat) unpopular programs such as amnesty for illegal aliens. He will also be able to double down on economy-killing programs he has already started such as giving unions special advantages over the rest of the country and the EPA’s regulation of the gas we all exhale: CO2.

According to an article in PoliticoPro the President is already telling global warming moonbats that his second term will have a stronger on the climate change hoax.

“We’ve had some setbacks, and some things haven’t happened as fast as people wanted them to happen,” Obama said at a recent New York fundraiser. “I know. I know the conversations you guys have. ‘Oh, you didn’t get the public option – and, gosh, I wish that energy bill had passed.’ I understand the frustrations. I feel them too.”

Apparently David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel (yes still helping)  spent much time last week in private meetings trying to convince eighty major environmental sugar-daddies that a second Obama term would be different.

Attendees told POLITICO that the former White House officials heard a number of complaints about last year’s climate bill loss but responded by pointing to the president’s commitment to their issues via EPA climate rules and tens of billions in spending on renewable energy through the 2009 stimulus package.

“We had a back and forth about getting to first base versus swinging for the fences,” said Betsy Taylor, co-founder and board president of 1Sky, one of the environmental groups pushing for federal policies to curb greenhouse gases.

…Obama’s team probably is going to have to wait on many other top green priorities.

EPA’s most anticipated new climate regulations for power plants and other major industrial sources are due in final form next spring. But with congressional Republicans making the rules a centerpiece of their legislative attack strategy, sources within and outside the administration expect that EPA’s efforts will ultimately get punted beyond November 2012.

The President is even telling our kids that the second term will be different.

Earlier this month, Obama dropped in unannounced on a group of youth activists meeting with senior aides in the White House. During a nearly 30-minute exchange, the president cited the challenges of moving comprehensive energy legislation in Congress, given hurdles from the Republican-led House.

“The implication there was it would be pretty hard to do anything massive in the next 18 months,” said Courtney Hight, executive director of the Energy Action Coalition and a former White House Council on Environmental Quality staffer.

 Electing Barack Obama to a second term would mean higher energy costs, new job-killing environmental regulation, and a continuance of his policy of preventing drilling for energy in US territory,  but don’t believe me, believe Obama and his campaign.

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