Yesterday the terrorism trial of Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Khalid Sheik Mohammed (pictured in the attractive undershirt) resumed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Mohammed was the chief planner of the 9/11 attacks, and the animal who hacked off Daniel Pearls Head on worldwide TV.

Ramzi (pictured below in the hot pink head wear)helped Mohammed plan the attack and he was to be the 20th hijacker if he didn’t fall “victim” to one of the rare cases where the US actually kept a Muslim terrorist out of the country (usually we allow them in and give them lifetime membership in CAIR)

During the hearings yesterday Mohammed (who has asked for the death penalty) shouted things such as “We don’t care about the capital punishment; we are doing jihad for the cause of God.”At one point, Shibh chimed in: “We are proud of 9/11.”

These two animals deserve to get their wish. The sooner they find out that the 72 Virgins thing is nonsense the better.
But it won’t happen anytime soon, President Obama has asked for a four month delay of the trial so he can study the entire terrorist leagal procedure and make significant changes:

US seeks to suspend Gitmo war crimes trials 


GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AP) – The U.S. moved Tuesday to halt the Guantanamo Bay war crimes trials, filing a late-night motion to suspend proceedings until President Barack Obama’s administration completes a review of the system for prosecuting suspected terrorists.

The motion, filed at the direction of Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, will be considered early Wednesday by the military judge hearing the case of five men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks.

In the motion, a U.S. military prosecutor says the “interests of justice” would be served by a suspension in all pending cases because a review of the system by the Obama administration may result in significant changes.

“The interests of justice served by granting the requested continuance outweigh the interests of both the public and the accused in a prompt trial,” prosecutor Clay Trivett said in the motion.

Trivett wrote that the motion was filed at the direction of the president and defense secretary.

The motion for a suspension came on the day a military judge adjourned the war crimes court just before Obama was sworn in by noting the future of the commissions is in doubt. The hearings were dismissed until Wednesday “unless otherwise ordered.”

Obama has said he will close Guantanamo, where the U.S. holds about 245 men, and had been expected to suspend the widely criticized war-crimes trials created by former President George W. Bush and Congress in 2006.

Obama’s nominee for attorney general has said the so-called military commissions lack sufficient legal protections for defendants and that they could be tried in the United States.

Barack Obama has been President less than 24 hours and he is already working to make the United States of America much less safe.