Here’s an item that should send shivers up the spine of
anyone who supports Israel”

WASHINGTON [MENL] — Presidential-elect Barack Obama has
promised to improve U.S. relations with Egypt and Syria.
Aides said Obama had sent senior foreign policy adviser Robert
Malley to Egypt and Syria over the last few weeks to outline the
Democratic candidate’s policy on the Middle East. The aides said
Malley, who served in the administration of President Bill Clinton,
relayed a pledge from Obama that the United States would seek
to enhance relations with Cairo as well as reconcile with Damascus.
(H/T Atlas Shrugs)

Remember Robert Malley ? A few months ago when I wrote about him being part of Obama’s Anti-Jew crew and was blasted by the NY Times (Something I consider a great achievement). Malley learned about the Middle East at the foot of his Father’s good friend Yassir Arafat.

As Ed Laskey Described almost a year ago:

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Through his writings he has served as a willing propagandist, bending the truth (and more) to serve an agenda that is marked by anti-Israel bias; he heads a group of Middle East policy advisers for a think-tank funded (in part) by anti-Israel billionaire activist George Soros; and now is on the foreign policy staff of a leading Presidential contender. Each step up the ladder seems to be a step closer towards his goal of empowering radicals and weakening the ties between American and our ally Israel.

Robert Malley’s writings strike me as being akin to propaganda. One notable example is an op-ed that was published in the New York Times (Fictions About the Failure at Camp David).The column indicted Israel for not being generous enough at Camp David and blamed the failure of the talks on the Israelis.

Malley has repeated this line of attack in numerous op-eds over the years, often co-writing with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Yasser Arafat (see, for example, Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors ). He was also believed to be the chief source for an article by Deborah Sontag that whitewashed Arafat’s role in the collapse of the peace process, an article that has been widely criticized as riddled with errors and bias.

Malley is a revisionist and his views are sharply at odds with the views of others who participated at Camp David, including Ambassador Dennis Ross and President Bill Clinton. Malley’s myth-making has been peddled Counterpunch and by Norman Finkelstein, the failed academic denied tenure at DePaul University . Malley’s Camp David propaganda has also become fodder for Palestinians, Arab rejectionists, and anti-Israel activists across the world.

Malley was supposedly fired by the campaign for having secret meetings with Hamas, but he was a willing sacrifical lamb to make Obama Look good. Obvously despite the campaign denials he is still involved.

Friends this is just the start of Obama’s efforts to destroy Israel. Maybe the Palestinians will throw a party for the 77% of American Jews who committed Jew-icide last Tuesday.