Throw away the fake Israel Pledges, or the NAFA flip-flops. Ignore the naive foreign policy and the fraternization with America haters and terrorist supporters. EVEN get rid of the asinine energy policy and the crazy wife, you are still left with one indisputable fact that Senator Barack Obama, the man who is promising a change in the political system of America, is turning out to be the WORST KIND of SLEAZE- BAG POLITICIAN IMAGINABLE. Obama becomes THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SINCE THE LAW WAS ENACTED, TO FORGO THE PUBLIC FINANCING RULES.

When he started in this race, the Senator from Illinois, promised that should the Republican candidate opt for public financing, so would he:

January 2007: “I’m a big believer in public financing of campaigns. And I think that for a time, the presidential public-financing system works.”Obama’s campaign in March vowed to “aggressively pursue” an agreement with McCain in which both would abide by the limits. Well folks John McCain opted for public financing and yesterday Senator Barack Obama Sleazed out. His Excuse—“The System is Broken”

He is right—any system that would allow a liar like Obama to become a national candidate HAS to be broken. But it isn’t any more broken than it was when Obama made is his pledge to play by the public financing rules. That was only three months ago. His Democratic Congress has been too busy trying to screw up the war on terror and raise our gas prices, to worry about messing with the campaign finance laws.

The only change between his initial pledge and today, is that the Democratic Nominee raised a ton of money and has a major cash advantage over Senator McCain, and that doesn’t even include the George Soros millions , and other 527 group money that are backing Obama.

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AMERICA, I give you your Democratic Party Candidate of Change. His change is back to the days when Politics was run by the worst kind of “Tammany Hall Crooks” imaginable.

Once again, Obama proves he is no political Messiah, he is a run-of-the mill, political Sleaze-bag!