I don’t know if its supposed to a bad omen or not, but tomorrow, the Saturday before the inauguration of Barack Obama , Jews all across the world will be reading the first Chapters of the book of Exodus in synagogue. That is the section that has the ominous words ..there arose a new king over Egypt, who knew not Joseph. That one line signaled a changing relationship between Egypt the most powerful nation on earth, and the Jewish nation.

Tuesday the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world, will have a new leader. The inauguration will signal a changing relationship between the US and the Jewish Nation. At best the Barack Obama administration will not be as favorable to Israel as the past two administrations. More likely, based on his past record and the people connected to his administration, he will be the most anti-Israel President since Jim Baker told George HW Bush, “F**K the Jews, They won’t vote for us anyway.” This administration’s attitude will be “F**K the Jews, They will vote for us no matter what we do.”

So far the President-elect has spoke about Richard Lugar the most anti-Israel Senator in congress as his foreign policy teacher, included in his transition team Samantha Power who called for an invasion of Israel to enforce a cease-fire, and Robert Mally a second-generation terrorist supporter.

That is still not enough for the President-elect, Laura Rozen of Foreign Policy, reports on a secret and VERY disturbing dinner Obama had last week

….And indeed, some suspected that Obama was coming to dine in the 8th-floor offices of Lee Hamilton, the quasi-governmental think tank’s president — a hunch they confirmed the next day.

Hamilton, the longtime House member from Indiana who cochaired the Iraq Study Group, the 9/11 Commission, and numerous others over the years, has become a kind of wise-man mentor to Obama. Last Thursday, the Wilson Center president assembled a small collection of scholars on the Middle East and South Asia for a meeting that stretched through dinner for hours into the night.
Among those who attended the off-the-record dinner: Iran scholar Haleh Esfandiari; Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid (who had flown in from Lahore); Obama friend and foreign-policy advisor Samantha Power of Harvard University (who accompanied PEOTUS to the meeting); incoming White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel; and a few others….

…”It’s clear from the nine or 10 people included that the meeting was mostly focused on Middle East issues,” said one scholar who witnessed the security goings-on but did not attend the meeting. “It’s part of the process that I think Obama wants to do to connect” given the demise of his Blackberry. “It was held here [at the Wilson Center], but from now on, I suspect such things will be held at the White House…..”

Noting that Hamilton was the longtime chair in the 1990s of the House International Relations committee, one Hill source said, “Hamilton had access to the ‘best and the brightest.’ It’s not a surprise that Obama is drawing on people from that staff.

You might Remember Lee Hamilton who will have frequent access to the new President. Hamilton along with Jim Baker lead the Iraq Study Group they were the ones who basically blamed all of the US problems in Iraq on Israel, and recommended that President Bush change his middle east policy to be more favorable to the Palestinian terrorists.

The rising influence of Power and Hamilton signal more dark clouds heading toward Israel.

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