Here’s another example of how this Administration presents its anti-Israel bias. Earlier this week the UN Security Council had its first discussion about Syria since April 21st.

The Security Council wanted to hear from the “High Commissioner of Human Rights” regarding the horrors going on in the Syrian Civil War, however security council member Pakistan (yes a joke in itself) insisted that if Syria was to be discussed, the council must also hear the Human Rights commissioner Navi Pillay, spew her usual lies about Israel.

Israel’s friends in the Obama Administration could have stopped the farce with a veto, but allowed the “trade-off” to happen thus agreeing to the bogus proposition that Israel and Syria were moral equals and deserving of the same treatment in the United Nations.

I guess that’s what the President means by having Israel’s back.

Having Israel’s back so they can thrust a knife in it is a more apt description. The United States knows all about Navi Pillay’s bias, that’s why they fought against the renewal of her term just one month ago.

Pillay was the UN big-shot who announced that the killing of Bin Laden was illegal. She was on of the officials behind the UN “Durban Conferences” which were not only anti-Israel, but were anti-Semitic.

As Anne Bayefsky said the morning of the Security Council meeting:

Pillay’s lecture is eminently predictable. Back in July 2010 when she was asked to address the Security Council on the general subject of the “protection of civilians” anywhere in the world, she managed only two pleas, and both were directed at Israel. She “urged” the Council to force Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza — notwithstanding the obvious anti-human-rights consequences of creating an Iranian arms depot on the Mediterranean. And she “urged” the Council to support the infamous Goldstone report.

Last November, when she was asked to brief the Council on “the protection of civilians in armed conflict,” she placed alleged “violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers” alongside ending impunity for “summary executions, rape and torture” in Cote d’Ivoire, “brutal violence” affecting “tens of thousands” in Syria, and “systematic torture” in Afghanistan.

As for the burning necessity of more briefings by Pillay, the last time the Security Council was briefed in detail on “the Palestinian question” was all of 13 days ago on June 19, 2012. In fact, detailed briefings of the Council on the issue, including ritualistic condemnation of Israel by U.N. “experts” and a series of non-democracies, are already held monthly.

Remember as one of the veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council, Obama’s UN team could have stopped the Pillay anti-Israel  slanders, but
instead insisted only that the Syrian meeting be held in the morning and
the Israel-bashing in the afternoon.

This is an example of Obama’s anti-Israel policies you don’t hear about–the more subtle kind. A hypocritical US President who invites supportive Jewish leadership to meet with him so he can reassure them of his commitment to Israel and then as soon as their back is turned  he finds another way to screw Israel.

And the supposed leadership of the Jewish community refuse to call out this president’s hypocrisy. Instead groups such as the ADL, the AJC and the leaders of both the Conservative and Reform movements in this country continue to turn away from God and worship the Obama and big government progressivism the same way our ancestors worshiped a golden calf at Mount Sinai. In the end they will be sentencing both Israel and the United States to wander in wilderness.