President Obama believes he could do a better job as President of China. And you can learn all about it in today’s NewsBusted the twice weekly  feature from  the funniest 3 minutes on the internet. That’s not all, Host Jodi Miller has the inside scoop on who is bullying President Obama, who is brewing a beer called  Muslim Socialist Lager and why there is an outbreak of Hepatitis in Brazil

This episode of Newsbusted is a must watch, in fact it is so important that if you do not view the video below, President Obama will send the SCHMOTUS, Joe Biden over to your house to carpet bomb your master bathroom.

So click play below and remember, swallow whatever you are drinking unless you want your computer to be damaged from the resulting spit take and enjoy the latest episode of Newsbusted, at the real news (sort of). Oh, and if you cannot see video below click here