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Obama, the Racist

The Orwellian doublespeak that Obama spews in portraying himself as “a uniter” and someone who “will bring this country together” is the polar opposite of everything this man has said and done and would be laughable if it were not so deadly serious. More digging from Atlas reader Laura:

Obama probably did not think about the presidential office possibility when he wrote the book “Dreams From My Father” as it is laden with racist categorizations. Obama catagorizes people according to skin tone, as some are olive, pale, walnut, etc. Almost to the point of being laughable, if it was not so pathetic and scary. The last person to be that race obsessed in power started freakin’ WWII and murdered millions of innocent people.
My husband and I sat down one night and began counting how many times Obama used racial catagorization or referred to race in his book Dreams From My Father. There are racial references made 179 times in the first 110 pages.

We got sick of counting at page 110 and sick of reading Obama’s racial trashing.
African American=5
“Fucking Eskimo”=1
green-eyed, honey skin, pouty Lips=1
Dark and straight-backed=1
Ugly Americans=1
Native American=1
Black Bondage=1
Black Power=1
White referenced as Devil=1
Blue-eyed Devils=1
Dark unblemished skin=1
Black Power=1
Racial Stock=1
Brown and handsome=1

So what’s up with the Eskimo Hating? Who knows. Obama is obsessed with skin color. As I said before I feel compelled to study this because my son has blue eyes. ‘Nuff said.

My point being is: I really do not think BO had his sights on the presidency when he wrote this book, as The Audacity of Hope is toned down from Dreams From My Father. Obama does include in Audacity that the Constitution could use a little improving.

My point is further made by the fact that the Obama for President Website censored the guy that posted direct quotes from Obama’s books within 36 hours.

Obama’s minions are banking on the fact that the bulk of the American public will rely on CNN for their information. That and most people are to stupid or busy to pick up Obama’s book, as the liberals will just buy it so it’s on their bookshelf and they can say they read it.
The truth is the truth and the words that the guy posted were written by Obama.

Obama has several “composite” figures in his book. The black nationalist “Rafiq” comes to mind. But in reading Obama’s book, I get the sense that it is almost a conversation with himself. Obama is too fluent in the case of Black Nationalism for my comfort.

It would seem to me that Obama would never had made it to Illinois State Senate without the ultimate blessing of Louis Farrakhan. Obama threw the incumbent civil rights lady under the bus and bulldozed his way into her State senate seat. Obama hired lawyers and got the candidate’s petition signatures thrown out and disqualified. Obama did this with not just one but all the democratic candidates (no Republicans run in South Chicago). So once the other candidates were disqualified Obama had the seat with NO votes. Sounds Mugabe to me.

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