The word Narcissist is derived from the Greek myth of Narcissus. Narcissus was a handsome Greek youth who rejected the desperate advances of the nymph Echo. As punishment, he was doomed to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. Unable to consummate his love, Narcissus pined away and changed into the flower that bears his name, the narcissus. Senator Barack Obama should also bear the name Narcissus

For a few days people have been sniping at the Jr. Senator from Illinois, saying that he thinks he is already president, they are wrong. Yesterday when he visited the Kotel (the “Wailing Wall” ) he proved that he thinks he is already GOD. He took the Holiest Place in the world to the Jews, and one of the holiest place to Christians and turned it into a crass campaign stop.

This is not about the gallery of press surrounding him. This is about the disgusting display of campaign posters Set up by his staff for his visit.

Jerusalem police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld confirmed to WND posters that adorned police barricades erected at the Western Wall plaza for Obama’s visit were distributed by the presidential candidate’s campaign. “These posters were his campaign and not the doing of the police,” said Rosenfeld, whose police department coordinated security and provided protection for Obama’s visit today to the holy site. Asked if it was traditional practice for politicians visiting the Western Wall to bring along posters or campaign materials, Rosenfeld replied, “No.” Source

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Of COURSE NO. Does the Senator Really think he is bigger than GOD? Or is it that he has no respect for the Jewish faith. Lets face it, no one in their right mind would EVER have their staff bring campaign posters to the Vatican, or to Mecca. Maybe its just that he sees religion as a political tool rather than something to foster a relationship with your maker. That is why he stayed at Jeremiah Wright’s Church for 20 years, not to listen to those hateful words but to get votes.

I would Imagine the first thing he would do if elected is change the Pledge of Allegiance from “one nation under God” to “one nation under Obama”

Folks this guy is so filled with self-importance, not only is he ill-suited to be president, he is DANGEROUS.

Apparently Obama’s Campaign was not the only desecration of the Kotel. My friend Yael at Boker Tov Boulder Reports:

Maariv brings shame on us all

I’ve just heard that someone from the Israeli newspaper Maariv went and dug Obama’s kvitel (note, written supplication) out of the Kotel and has published it. I haven’t been so ashamed since Israel released Kuntar, and before that, expelled the Jews from Gush Katif. This is utterly reprehensible and all Jews should condemn it in the strongest terms, immediately. What’s next? Your note? Mine? Selling them all on Ebay? Dear Gd in Heaven, we’re supposed to have some control over our appetites, and that includes curiosity. What Obama – or anyone else – says privately to Gd is sacred conversation and no one else’s business. As usual Yael is RIGHT ON Read the rest of her heartfelt post here