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As the saying goes, you can always tell when Barack Obama is lying,  his lips are moving.

The most unsuccessful president in my lifetime is during his campaign stops once again, this time in Mansfield Ohio. President Obama claimed an ‘Independent, Non-Partisan” Organization That Was Not “My Staff” analyzed and trashed Romney’s tax plan:

And you do not have to take my word for it. Just today, an independent, non-partisan organization ran all the numbers on Governor Romney’s plan. This wasn’t my staff. This wasn’t something we did. Independent group, ran the numbers.

The study he was talking about was co-authored by Adam Looney. Adam was a senior economist for The Council Of Economic Advisers and an aide In the Treasury Department all under this president.  

Romney for President Policy Director Lanhee Chen today made the following statement regarding the report:

“This is just another biased study from a former Obama staffer that ignores critical parts of Governor Romney’s tax reform program, which will help the middle class and promote faster economic growth. The study analyzes only half of Governor Romney’s tax program, ignoring the reforms that would make America’s corporations more competitive by moving from the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world to one that is comparable to our trading partners. And the study ignores the positive benefits to economic growth from both the corporate tax plan and the deficit reduction called for in the Romney plan. These glaring gaps invalidate the report’s conclusions. Unfortunately, President Obama and his allies are simply trying to distract attention from his failed record on the economy. And now, President Obama is doubling down on those failed policies by pushing for $2 trillion in tax increases on working Americans and job creators. The American people know better than to fall for these distractions.”

Its a wonder that the presidential “schnozzola” is not the size of our growing national debt. It’s not the first time Obama has misled the American people using partisan economic studies to attack Romney. Remember this ditty from two weeks ago?

As the Weekly Standard reported:

“At a speech earlier today in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Obama cited economic analysis conducted by one of his campaign donors, Kimberly Clausing, and called her a “non-partisan economist.” Clausing, a college professor from Reed College, has donated to President Obama and several Democratic politicians and causes over the last dozen years.”

And the Democrats want me to trust THIS guy for another four years?