Part of diplomacy is listening to the other party, understanding their concerns and being able to address them in a way that satisfies you both. On Monday, Barack Obama, talked on the phone with the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari or at least so it seems. You see the Senator and the Foreign Minister have very different versions of the call so maybe they weren’t on the phone together. And by some AMAZING coincidence Obama’s version serves his political needs very well.

Obama and Iraqi Foreign Minister Have Different Memories of their Conversation
By Jake Tapper At a press availability in Michigan, I asked Obama if Zebari had expressed any concern to him that his plans to withdrawal U.S. troops as president would undo any security advances. “No, he did not express that,” Obama said. “He did emphasize his belief that we’ve made real progress and I think was eager to see political accommodations between the factions follow up in the wake of this progress. “I think that he expressed what President Maliki has expressed as well,” Obamatimeframe – a timetable that continues to allow US forces to support Iraqi forces in going after terrorists, that continues to train the Iraqi police and military as long as we’re not training militias that are turning on each other. One area that I think is important to emphasize is that as a consequence of a huge spike in oil prices – the Iraqi government’s budget is twice as large as it anticipated and so I think its important for the Iraqis to start picking up more of the tab both for reconstruction efforts as well as the need to continue to boost their military capacity.” continued, “which is that the Iraqis are obviously concerned about their sovereignty and are not seeking a long term occupation by the U.S. And so my sense is that we should be able to execute a withdrawal and set a But today comes this report that Zebari told the Washington Post “that he had some frank talk for the candidate: ‘The foreign minister said ‘my message’ to Mr. Obama ‘was very clear…Really, we are making progress. I hope any actions you will take will not endanger this progress.’”

Once again the Senator show his naiveté in foreign relations. Take a look this weak attempt to defend the Senator: