It looks as though the committee to reelect the president (CREEP) is giving up on North Carolina. Witness this discussion between Obama spokesman Stephanie Cutter and NBC’s Chuck Todd. When talking “battleground” states, she omits the one that hosted the DNC Convention.

CHUCK TODD: joining me now, Stephanie Cutter. is it fair to say the schedule is more important to look at than the polling numbers? you guys are in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado multiple times. those are the four most important states to you?

STEPHANIE CUTTER: well, we are actually hitting every battleground state. and, you know, we feel good about where we are. he’s headed out to Wisconsin today. He has a solid lead there. Colorado we’re ahead. so, you know, things are coming together. we’ve got several different paths to 270. we’ve talked about it before. Ithink the path for the Romney campaign are really dwindling.