You remember Jim Baker? He was the Secretary of State said, “F” the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyway” When Baker ran the state department under the first President Bush, he was famous for his disdain of Israel and tilting American Foreign Policy toward the Palestinians.

Barack Obama is following James Baker’s cynical “isolate Israel” lead. When Baker was Secretary of State he kept a team of “Jew Boys.”— Daniel Kurtzer, Dennis Ross, and Aaron Miller, they were Baker’s closest advisers and the designers of the Bush’s policy to reach out to the PLO, appease terrorism and blame Israel for everything. The threesome where not only there to design policy, but as Jews they were there for Baker to be about to point to as showing that his policy was blessed by the Jewish Community.

Today Obama sent out one of his “Jew Boys” David Axelrod to trash Israel (the other one, Rahm Emanuel was probably too busy twisting the arms of Democratic Congressmen ).  Axelrod’s purpose was to widen the schism between the United States and Israel as it is not to President Obama’s advantage to let it die down. His-over-the-top reaction to the Israeli construction gives him the cover he is looking for to do what he has been looking for since day one, to try and impose an unfavorable solution on Israel.

After direct and harsh rebukes from Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it was the turn of Obama’s top adviser, David Axelrod, to take a swing at Israel Sunday.

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Axelrod told the ABC network Sunday that approval of new housing units in Ramat Shlomo during Biden’s trip to Israel last week was an “affront” and an “insult.”

In his question to Biden, ABC correspondent Jake Tapper called the Israeli decision “a slap in the face,” and said that “President Obama was said to be very upset about it.” He asked Axelrod: “Will there be any consequences, tangible consequences beyond the tough talk? And does Israel’s intransigence on the housing issue put the lives of U.S. troops at risk?

Axelrod replied: “Well, look, what happened there was an affront. It was an insult, but that’s not the most important thing. What it did was it made more difficult a very difficult process. We’ve just gotten proximity, so-called proximity talks going between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and this seemed calculated to undermine that, and that was — that was distressing to everyone who is promoting the idea of peace — and security in the region.”

“Israel is a strong and special ally,” Axelrod went on. “The bonds run deep. But for just that very reason, this was not the right way to behave. That was expressed by the secretary of state, as well as the vice president. I am not going to discuss what diplomatic talks we’ve had underneath that, but I think the Israelis understand clearly why we were upset and what, you know, what we want moving forward.”

As Barry Rubin points out, Obama is simply using the announcement to make a series of hypocritical attacks against Israel:

For more than four months the U.S. government has been celebrating Israel agreeing to stop construction on settlements in the West Bank while continuing building in east Jerusalem as a great step forward and Israeli concession deserving a reward. Suddenly, all of this is forgotten to say that Israel building in east Jerusalem is some kind of terrible deed which deserves punishment.

Israelis are used to this pattern: give a big concession and a few months later that step is forgotten as Israel is portrayed as intransigent and more concessions are demanded with nothing in return. Here is a short history of this round:

October 31, 2009: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lavishly praises Israel as making “unprecedented” concessions in stopping construction on West Bank settlements while it is still going to build in east Jerusalem.

November 1, 2009: The U.S. State Department cheers Israel’s announcement that it will stop construction on West Bank settlements but not in east Jerusalem: “Today’s announcement by the Government of Israel helps move forward toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

March 12, 2010: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says that Israel building in east Jerusalem is an “insult” to the United States, jeopardizes the bilateral relationship, and damages the cause of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Meanwhile, even though the Palestinian Authority has refused to negotiate for 14 months; made President Barack Obama look very foolish after destroying his publicly announced September plan to have negotiations in two months; broke its promise not to sponsor the Goldstone report in the UN; and rejected direct negotiations after months of pleading by the Obama White House, not a single word of criticism has ever been offered by any administration official regarding the PA’s continuous and very public sabotage of peace process efforts.

The hypocrisy and cynicism of Obama is truly disgusting.