It seems as if President Obama’s bus tour and divisive political message isn’t doing him much good, in the latest Rasmussen three day rolling approval poll, his approval index hit a new low -26.  Gallup has Obama’s approval sinking to a new low 38%.

The Rasmussen approval index compares voters who strongly believe Obama is doing a good job to those who strongly disapprove of the job he is doing. Those who have strong opinions of a President are more likely to work for or against his reelection. Today’s -26 number is the lowest that Obama has seen since his inauguration.

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The chart above takes a look at Obama’s approval index since July 25th (his last prime time speech about the budget deal) through today.  As you can see the budget deal at the beginning of July gave the President a bump. Since then, the economic news has been awful and Obama has been on the road trashing the GOP and the Tea Party.

The strongly approve and strongly disapprove numbers show a similar trend. The 19% strongly approve percentage is also an all time low achieved just once before (8/16).

 The overall approval/disapproval percentages also tell a sad tale for Obama:

Rasmussen released other numbers that are a black cloud floating over Obama’s reelection campaign, only 28% of voters trust him on the economy (25% of independents).  With the economy being the most important issue in the upcoming election, this may be an indicator that Obama’s approval numbers are likely to go down.

Gallup, whose numbers tend to be a bit more favorable to Democratic candidates also shows the President at an all time low. His approval has fallen to only 38%.

There is still plenty of time between now and election day 2012.  George HW Bush  had a Gallup approval rating of 74% at this point in his Presidency.

Unfortunately for Obama and for the country, it takes longer for the massive US economy to right itself than it does to sink. And our President still has no plan to fix the economy.  Unless he does and unless it works awful fast, we will have a new president beginning January 2013.

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