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Last night I happened to turn on Nightline for what may be the first time since Ronald Reagan was president. Lo and behold, who was the guest but the Democratic Messiah himself Senator Barack Hussein Obama (oops sorry I didn’t mean to say the “H” word).

Obama was talking about his trip to the war zone and seemed to confuse himself (and me) at points. The Senator was flipping back and forth like a ping pong ball. For example:

So far this month, five U.S. troops have been killed in combat, compared with 78 U.S. deaths last July. Attacks across the country are down more than 80 percent. Still, when asked if knowing what he knows now, he would support the surge, the senator said no.

But then when he was asked if he was committed to winning, he answered:

“I don’t think we have any choice. We have to win the broader war against terror that threatens America and its interests. I think that Iraq is one front on that war, but I think the central front is in Afghanistan and in the border regions of Pakistan.”

So if we don’t have any choice, how did he propose that we win with out the surge. Even more so how are we able to free up troops to go to Afghanistan as he proposes, and win in Iraq because there we don’t have any choice, without the surge?

But folks there’s more:

As someone who has NEVER been in the military, how can he totally ignore the advice of the Gen. David Petraeus, who has just masterfully turned around Iraq, and is responsible for both Iraq and Afghanistan?

Obama said that in his meeting with Petraeus, the general discussed his “deep concerns” about “a timetable that doesn’t take into account what they anticipate might be a change in conditions.” “My job is to think about the national security interests as a whole and to weigh and balance risks in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Obama said. “Their job is just to get the job done here, and I completely understand that.

Senator you forgot something Gen. Petraeus was promoted a few months ago his job is to get the job done in Iraq AND Afghanistan. Didn’t you read it ? It was in all the papers.

The Junior Senator from Illinois has proven himself to be an expert “spinner” on this trip. But spin does not bring peace, Donald Rumsfeld taught us that, what we need is open mind that pushes and probes the military experts and enough knowledge of the situation to make the right decisions. Obama showed none of that on Nightline last night.

To read the enire interview click here.

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