Many of your know my good friend and radio partner Tamara Jackson, but what even those familiar with Tami may not know is she lives in Oregon near Roseburg the town where nine innocent people were massacred at a community last week.

Today Tami published a great post on Saving Our Future which shares her personal perspective about the Roseberg tragedy as someone who once lived in the town and now lives only two hours away. She’s consented to letting me share part of her post with you. It’s called:

Obama: You and Your Gun-Grabbing Agenda Are Not Welcome in Roseburg!!

By Tami Jackson

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This makes me proud to be an Oregonian, and a one-time resident of Roseburg (years ago as a toddler), the town just 2 hours south of where I now live.

The nation views Oregon as a bastion of lunacy, a well-deserved assessment. We are bullied by the two most populated and Progressive (marxist) counties, Multnomah (Portland proper) and Lane (Eugene). Much of the rest of the state is common-sense, conservatives, patriots who work hard, hunt, go to church and love America and Oregon.

This act of evil, and it was an act of overt evil, had nothing to do with guns. Guns are merely an inanimate object, a tool. The evil was conceived in the heart of a young man. And evil has its origin in the Father of Lies himself.

The community members in Roseburg understand this. And lest Obama not understand, gun owners in Oregon are patriots, they are good neighbors, they are conscious of safety and the rule of law. And your gun-grabbing agenda, Mr. President, is highly abhorrent and offensive to us. We reject your calls for gun control with our Second Amendment, God-given rights.

Also something Obama should know: Douglas County Sheriff John W. Hanlin has been a champion of Second Amendment rights and was one of the sheriffs who vowed to not comply with the radical SB 941. From his Facebook page:

I have been asked by numerous citizens and special interest groups to share my position on SB 941. SB 941 would be (if passed) an ineffective attempt to prevent firearms from getting into the hands of criminals. SB 941 would require private parties to conduct background checks prior to private party firearm transactions. I am certain that SB 941 would NOT prevent criminals from acquiring firearms. Criminal minds are often intuitive and devious, and they will find a way around background checks to acquire firearms. Creating more regulation and control over the transfer of firearms will only affect the honest, law-abiding majority of Oregon gun owners. That being the case, SB 941 would be more effective as a firearm registration system.


In my opinion there are two fundamental issues the legislature should be addressing to increase the safety of Oregonians.


First, understanding that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. Anything can be used as a weapon to kill someone. We need to focus on the laws we currently have and encourage our courts to impose stiffer penalties for certain convicted criminals who are found in possession of firearms, or reoffend while possessing a firearm.


Secondly, we have to address the mental health problems we are all facing. Right now, individuals roaming the county with unmanaged mental health issues present a bigger threat to our communities than does the unregulated private transfer of firearms.


As I hope you all know I stand committed to fighting crime here in Douglas County, and am forever committed to upholding, defending, and protecting the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.



John W. Hanlin
Douglas County Sheriff
1036 SE Douglas Ave.
Roseburg, OR 97470

God bless Sheriff Hanlin! The sheriffs across America are defending the Constitution of the United States, upholding their vow of office, unlike POTUS who, at every juncture, ignores the Constitution, ruling by fiat with impunity. Our Founders would have met Obama’s action with loathing: he is acting in the imperial and tyrannical vein of King George.

There is much more to this great post. Please click here and read the rest at  Saving our Future.