Uh-oh…it looks like another promise is going to be broken. According to administration officials some visitors to HealthCare.gov will experience outages, slow response times or try-again-later messages after the November 30th deadline (this coming Sunday).

Right now, Democrats up for reelection are praying that healthcare.gov will be working by the end of the week as promised.  But the warning signs of failure are there, as the White House has been inching back from their promise that the site will be all fixed by the end of November (the latest estimate is 80% fixed but most observers believe that wont happen either). On Monday the Obama administration proved that their fears were justified.

In their latest attempt to walk away from the November 30th promise, on Monday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spokeswoman Julie Bataille said errors that persist past this weekend would be “intermittent” and, in line with a promise made by the White House, would not affect the vast majority of the site’s users.

On the other hand Ms. Bataille said that some would still experience “periods of suboptimal performance” by the system due to either heavy traffic or technical issues that are still being addressed.

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“The system will not work perfectly on Dec. 1, but it will work much better than it did in October.”

Gee that sounds awfully like  “Other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

Ms. Bataille’s comments came after HealthCare.gov experienced an unscheduled outage on Monday for one hour. This happened a few day’s after the CMS bragged the site was no long randomly crashing.

The CMS said that, by this weekend, the site will be able to handle a full user load and will have a “queuing” system in place in case of traffic above that threshold. Under that program, users can either wait to be granted access or choose to receive an email when traffic dies down.

But not all parts of the system are working well, even two months after the exchanges launched.

HealthCare.gov has struggled to transmit accurate application information to insurance companies in forms known as 834s. The CMS did not provide an update Monday on that fix, suggesting that officials are still struggling to ensure the forms are correct.

The 834 issue highlights the range of problems that could arise for HealthCare.gov even if the site’s user experience improves.

Even if the website’s problems go away, there are issue with  Obamacare introduction that are much bigger than the website despite what the Administration claims. There is still the issue of the President’s lie and people losing the plans they were promised they could keep, then there is the sticker shock of the exchange plans and the doctor shock of the new plans having fewer doctors on their networks.

For Democrats, “this ain’t gonna be pretty.”