I just received the following notice making the Chas Freeman appointment official:

The Director of National Intelligence has selected Charles W. Freeman, Jr. as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC). The Chairman of the NIC will report to the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis (DDNYA) and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)….

As discussed over the last few days Ambassador Freeman is not just Anti-Israel, his views go way beyond the range of normal, even for an opponent of the Jewish State. Freeman runs magazine that claims the Iraq war was waged to help Israel.  He subscribes the the “Walt and Mearsheimer contention that the Israel Lobby (a nice way of saying Jews) control the US Foreign policy.  His MEPC political action group publishes a Workbook that teaches our children that the Muslims discovered the “New World” and the “Indians” who met the English Explorers all had Muslim names.  The man will now be the gatekeeper deciding what gets to the President, is a Friend of the Bin Laden family, Sportive of Chinese Cruelty and runs a company Projects International that does a lot of buisness with the Saudi Royal family.

Its only been five weeks, but the President has made great strides to prove what many in the conservative community were warning the Jewish voters, “Obama is not a supporter of the Jewish State”  Just look at the other moves he has made over the past two weeks.

  • Durban II– Not only has he agreed to participate in this anti-Israel, anti-Jewish conference, but when US representatives attended their first meeting, they remained silent when the Holocaust was denied by the chairman of the committee, and when slanderous resolutions about Israel were passed.
  • Gaza Aid– The President has committed to give almost one BILLION dollars to rebuild Gaza.  It is an impossibility that the money will not end up in Hamas hands. That money will be used to purchase more sophisticated weapons for the terrorist group to fire at Israel.
  • Clinton’s Admonition-As predicted the Secretary of State has fallen back to the positions she held before she was a Senator and need the Jewish Vote.  Her latest move is to pressure Israel to Open up the Gaza crossings, in other words Israel giving up its only “chip” for nothing. I bet you Soha Arafat would give her another big hug and kiss for that.
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Don’t forget some of the other early niceties such as Samantha Power, “engaging Iran” etc.

Granted, some of the President’s appointments have been fine,  but the problem is that the imbalance is obvious and becoming more glaring every day. In addition, positive actions might be easily reversed while the problems show more profound policy trends.

One of the things that has struck me the most during this past week was the massive hypocritical chutzpa of people like Martin Peretz who ignored all of the pre-election warning signs to urge the Jewish Community to vote for Obama.  Now he seems surpised that Obama is moving against Israel. Peretz failure to pull his head out of his “posterior”  helped Obama get 77% the Jewish vote.  Now the President has made his new mantra official,“F**K The Jews They Will Vote for US Anyway.”