If anyone has any doubts as to the extremes global warming moonbats will go to force their hoax down our throats, this will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Witness Dr Rebecca Roache of Oxford University, Anders Sandberg Senior Fellow at Oxford, and S. Matthew Liao Associate Professor of Bio Ethics at NYU. These three amigos have written an article for Ethics, Policy and the Environment suggesting that bio-engineering is the most efficient way to fix global warming.

In this paper, we hope to have given a flavour of what human engineering solutions to climate change might involve. We argued that human engineering is potentially less risky than geoengineering and that it could make behavioural and market solutions more likely to succeed. We also considered some possible concerns regarding human engineering, and we suggested some lines of response to these concerns. No doubt much more can be said for and against human engineering. In fact, our hope is that more will be said regarding it in the context of climate change. Given that climate change is likely to affect many aspects of life for all people around the world, and given that behavioural and market solutions might not be enough to mitigate climate change, we believe that human engineering deserves to be considered and explored further in this debate.  

Perhaps instead of using methods reminiscent of Hitler’s master race, this terrible trio should read the wealth of research showing that man-made global warming is indeed a hoax.

HOLY COW! This is frightening. It is no longer enough for the global warming hoaxers to destroy the economy, now they want to bio-engineer a human race that will believe their nonsense.