What is it about the NY Time? Its one thing being biased, but it is another thing when you just plain make up the news as you go along. You would think after its tarnished reputation was further damaged by the fake “McCain affair” story they would be more careful about their facts, but I guess that is “above their pay grade”

This morning Times “fiction writer” Elisabeth Bumiller writes a story saying saying that McCain screwed up the vetting process. She claims that McCain knew nothing about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy, her husbands 20+ year old DUI, and Sarah’s “brush with the law” for fishing without a license. She also claims that Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party in the 1990’s, a group that wants the state do cecede from the union. One look at Palin’s voting/party affiliations would have shown that her first party affiliation was Republican and She was always a republican.

So much for fact checking? If the Times really wants to tell the truth about ALL the political candidates why doesn’t it publish the history of Barak Obama’s affiliation with the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party or the New Party, a marxist group. At least with those affiliations there is proof, See Here or Here or Here and Here.

But the NY Times has no interest, because that would involve telling the truth which is WAY above their pay grade.