On this Israel Independence Day The Self-Hating Jewish Hall of Fame would like to present a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD TO THE NY TIMES. The NY Times has earn this award for decades of self hatred. Remember how they buried the stories of the shoah? Since then they have been working hard to deligitmize Israel and the Jewish People. Remember their Passover story which tried to prove that the Exodus didn’t happen? Except they weren’t trying to match their “evidence” to what the Torah says happened? (NY Times Tries to De-legitimize Judaism)

How about the March 07 report that told a “unique version of history” And totally misquoted UN 194 to boot? (Failing History: The NY Times BLOWS IT AGAIN !)

THE New York Times gets the lifetime achievement award because has been responsible for some of the press’ “greatest hits” of bias across Israel’s 59 Years. Perhaps the most famous is when they an Associated Press photo in the September 30, 2000 New York Times on page A5, with the false and deceptive caption, “An Israeli policeman and a Palistinian on the Temple Mount.”

The Times then received this email from the Victims Uncle

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Dear Editor,
Even the typically biased and slanted NY Times middle east reporting has hit a new low. Since the Times wishes to convey the belief that the Palestinians are all innocent lambs being tormented by an aggressive oppressor, it can not even conceive that the wounded and injured are NOT Palestinians. The current case in point is very personal to me. In the Saturday’s Times on page A6, the picture of the “wounded Palestinian” is, in fact, my nephew, Tuvia Grossman, an AMERICAN Jewish student learning in Israel. His only crime was being Jewish. He was not in “crossfire” but merely the target of Palestinian lambs who stoned his cab, dragged him from the vehicle, smashed his head with stones and stabbed him in the leg. The Israeli soldier, whom you obviously wished to portray as victimizing the poor, wounded Palestinian was actually saving my nephew’s life. A casual look at the background of the picture can tell anyone that it’s not the Temple Mount at all!

Why was this incident so special? Maybe because the terrorists were able to use this ONE Picture to help turn more of the worlds opinion against Israel during the Oslo war. The victim was not even interviewed until after the incident.Several organizations have used Grossman’s picture misleadingly, presenting him as a Palestinian. One of them was an Egyptian government website. Along with a number of other Arab sites.
The Times first issued a correction (Oct. 4) that offered the identity of the victim as “Tuvia Grossman of Chicago” but said nothing about the assault on him. One week after the falsely-captioned image appeared, the newspaper did a story on the beatings of the American students and reprinted the photograph with an account of how AP had misidentified it. Lets not forget the Times Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist Tom Friedman who has advanced the case of anti-semites with stereotypic prose such as Sharon has had Mr. Arafat under house arrest in Ramallah and He has had Mr.Bush under house arrest in the Oval Office. He has also said that Vice President, Dick Cheney, who’s ready to do whatever Mr. Sharon dictates….�
For a Lifetime of Achievement we Make this declaration:

Despite having Jewish Publishers and owners,The Times has continued its anti-Israel editorial policy for decades. Through the good times and the Bad–> even to this day.

For its decades of self hatred, the Trustees of the Self-Hating Jewish Hall of Fame Deem it Apropriate to Award a Lifetime Achievement Award to the Newspaper That Tried So Hard to Prevent Israel From Making it to this day. The NEW YORK TIMES.

The Motion picture academy has the Oscars–The Self-Hating Jewish Hall of Fame has the Coveted S**T head. A Picture of your Award is Below Feel free to pick it up at any time.