Please sit down before you read any further, because what you are about to see will shock you beyond belief. If you have a weak heart, bad back, or weak bladder you might want to skip this post.

According to NY Times Columnist Timothy Eagan (brace yourselves), conservatives want Obamacare to fail….there I said it. And even worse the evil Koch brothers are helping to make it fail.

But not to worry. The failure movement is active and very well funded. You probably know about the creepy Uncle Sam character in ads financed by the Koch brothers. Sicko Sam is seen leering over a woman on her back in a hospital exam room, her legs in stirrups. This same guy is now showing up on college campuses, trying to get young people to opt out of health care. On some campuses, he plies students with free booze and pizza — swee-eeet

Of course the dollars coming from George Soros, Hollywood or any of the other rich progressives to gloss over the problems with Obamacare and promote the President’s signature program don’t count.

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The Republican Party started a failure campaign earlier this year, but then the strategy got sidetracked in a coercive government shutdown that cost us all $24 billion or so. With the disastrous rollout of the federal exchange, Republicans now smell blood. A recent memo outlined a far-reaching, multilevel assault on the Affordable Care Act. Horror stories — people losing their lousy health insurance — will be highlighted, and computer snafus celebrated.

Of course they will be…and guess what Timmy, when Obama and the progressives were shoving this down America’s throats beginning four years ago…we predicted this would happen. We also predicted the 4-5 million who lost their healthcare this year, and the 80-100 million who will lose it next year.

Timmy says Obamcare is about helping the 50 million Americans who don’t have healthcare, funny when they were selling the program it was only 42 million out of which 12 million were illegal immigrants oh sorry, criminally trespassing aliens and another ten million didn’t have insurance because they didn’t want it. That leaves 20 million maybe. Perhaps they raised it to 50 because the CBO suggested that even with Obamacare 30 million would be left without insurance.

It doesn’t matter anyway because Obamacare is not about insuring those who don’t have insurance, if that was the case the plan would force 84-105 million to lose their insurance. They would have come up with tax credits for the poor and tort reform to bring down costs. They could have legislated that people with pre-existing conditions had to be covered, just like many states do.  

But the Democrats came a plan that tampers with everyone’s health care. The answer is health care is not, nor has it ever been the primary driver of the Obamacare push, it is really all about what Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber, it’s all about income re-distribution.

Re-distribution, it’s the essential part of any progressive program. While the conservatives believe “an incoming tide raises all boats” the progressive philosophy is that everything has to be the same result so things have to be taken from those who have and given to those who don’t. What they don’t realize is the final product is a mediocre middle, and a loss of freedom and incentive to improve one’s lot.

So when Timmy Eagan says conservatives want Obamacare to fail, as shocking as it is, he is 100% correct. Right-wingers simply believe we can help the poor without screwing up others.