Damn! False Alarm–It’s the REAL Scooby Doo Van

Former Secretary of State Clinton was doing her best to avoid the national press yesterday as the reporters who followed her to Iowa had little write about except for the tour van which she named Scooby. But if they followed the news there were more important Hillary stories to write about such as her hiring of three senior policy advisers to lead the development of an agenda.

The team will be headed by Maya Harris, a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress; Ann O’Leary, a former legislative director to Clinton when she was in the Senate; and Jake Sullivan, a top aide to Clinton while she was Secretary of State and a former national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden.

The announcement of a policy team heavy on expertise in foreign policy, children and families, and global human rights is an early indication of the kinds of policy themes she could emphasize as she launches her campaign.

Harris has a background in human rights, having served as Vice President of Democracy, Rights and Justice at the Ford Foundation, where she led a team that promoted effective governance, democracy and human rights around the world. O’Leary specializes in early childhood education and headed the children and families program at Next Generation, the Tom Steyer-funded advocacy group.

Let that sink in for a moment. After over two years of traveling around the country in her non-campaign campaign, going to colleges so she can speak for a few hundred thousand dollars a pop, and finally admitting she is running for president—-NOW, yes now she finally decides  “hey maybe I should figure out my priorities.”  As they say in Brooklyn; not for nothing, but besides erasing emails and getting rich off of colleges,  just what the hell has she been doing for the last few years?

Hey I got an idea for Hillary’s agenda. Figure out your priorities before you announce a run for president.

Perhaps while she is making her tour of Iowa Ms Clinton should be saying, “Hi I’m Hillary Clinton, I don’t know why you should vote for me but I hired a few people to figure it out.”