Congratulations to Rick Santorum, he did the honorable thing by suspending his campaign (candidates suspend rather than withdraw so they can still raise money to pay of outstanding debts). With the passion which he ran his campaign, it must of taken a lot to bow out and he should be congratulated for his decision and for lasting much longer than anyone thought he would.

Gingrich and Paul vowed to fight on, they  took to Twitter late Tuesday to call Santorum’s departure the last stand for conservatives and urge supporters to donate to their campaigns. Truth be told neither one of them has campaigned hard for weeks. They are trying to get a voice at the convention and in creating the platform.

As for Santorum, it had been rumored for a while that if he thought he was going to lose the primary in his home state of Pennsylvania he would drop out.  Recent public polls have show Romney edging closer, but Santorum’s internal polls must have shown him falling way behind.

“This game is a long, long, long way from over,” Santorum said as he bowed out of the contest with Romney. “We are going to continue to go out there and fight to make sure that we defeat President Barack Obama.”

Santorum said it right. In the end this campaign has never been about the circular firing squad of the GOP primary season…it has always been about defeating Barack Obama, repealing Obamacare and restoring the individual liberties the progressives have taken away from us.  Romney will do that, just as Santorum and Gingrich would have followed that script should they have won.

The internal attacks have done some damage to Romney (but ignore today’s ABC poll because as my friend Ed Morrissey points out the results were “fixed.“the pollsters played games with the sample.

You know where else Obama got a double-digit lead? In the polling sample. In 2008, when Democrats surged to the polls after eight years of George W. Bush, CNN’s exit polls showed a seven-point advantage for Democrats, 39/32, which mirrored Obama’s seven-point victory in the popular vote. In 2010′s midterms, CNN exit polls showed a 35/35/30 split. By contrast, the previous WaPo/ABC poll in March had a D/R/I of 31/27/36, which undersampled both parties relative to independents but left Democrats with a 4-point advantage — perhaps an arguable model for 2012 turnout. Today’s has a D/R/I of 34/23/34, adding seven points to that Democratic advantage and presenting a completely unrepresentative, absurd model for the 2012 turnout.

 Now please tell me how the media is objective…I need a good laugh.

It’s time for Republicans and Conservatives of all parties to unite behind Romney and start going after our real objective, making Barack Obama a one term president.

There are only three things that can prevent this goal from being achieved:

  1. Opponents of Obama and their supporters refuse to get behind Mitt Romney
  2. Opponents of Obama and their supporters refuse to get behind Mitt Romney 
  3. Opponents of Obama and their supporters refuse to get behind Mitt Romney  

The primary season is officially over…and the real battle begins today!