It’s the way progressives do things.  If a public figure does not agree with the “progressive party line” they cannot be a part of a minority group. In their logic Allen West is not really black,  Sarah Palin is not a woman (you tell Todd), and now according to former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson Ted Cruz is not Hispanic.

Richardson appeared on ABC’s This week and was asked about the Senator from Texas

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Sunday that Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father was a Cuban immigrant, should not be “defined as a Hispanic” because of his stance on immigration legislation. 

Richardson, a former Democratic presidential candidate who also is Hispanic, criticized the freshman Texas senator during the web portion of the ABC “This Week” program on Sunday. 
Asked for his thoughts on Cruz, Richardson said, “I’m not a fan.” 

“I know he’s sort of the Republican latest flavor. He’s articulate. He seems to be charismatic, but I don’t like his politics,” Richardson said. He alleged that Cruz adds a “measure of incivility in the political process,” though he is a “force” in the GOP. 

Richardson was then asked if Cruz represents most Hispanics with his political views. Richardson said, “No, he’s anti-immigration.”

On the other hand Democratic Strategist James Carville said on the same show

I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years,” Carville said. “I further think that he is going to run for president, and he is going to create something.”

Results of that potential presidential run aside, Carville added that Cruz “is going to be something to watch” because he “has no fear.”

Carville is correct, Cruz is both talented and fearless and since Bill Richardson claims to be the arbitrator of who is Hispanic or not, I would like to personally make Ted Cruz an offer, we’ll take you.  I mean the Jews (at least the conservative ones). I will teach you some Yiddish expressions and bank you can be one of us.   We get stuck with people such as Al Frankin, Steve Israel and Henry Waxman, it would be great to have a Jewish politician who has actually read the constitution.   What do you say Senator Cruz?