The Jerusalem Post says that the PA welcomes calls for int’l peace conference,
they are also looking to for a new truce because they fear a massive IDF incursion into Gaza.

A senior Hamas official, Nasser Eddin Shaer, confirmed to The Jerusalem Post that his movement was prepared to declare a truce with Israel, saying he supported a “mutual cessation of violence and a return to the period of calm – tahdiyah

What the JP doesn’t say is that the Hamas definition of a truce is that once its declared, the continue the terrorist attacks. Also not said is that a truce also gives Hamas time to rearm. The JP source says the other reason for the truce is Israel’s practice of taking out the terrorist leaders.

“Some Hamas leaders are apparently afraid of a huge Israeli military operation,” the official said. “An escalation in the Gaza Strip will not serve their interests because many Hamas leaders and activists will be targeted. Hamas will pay a heavy price.”

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Always ready to take responsibility for their own actions Hamas blamed recent attack on Syria and Iran…You remember those countries, Democratic leaders want us to negotiate with them

“We believe that Syria and Iran are trying to thwart the establishment of a unity government,” he explained. “These two countries are inciting some Hamas leaders and activists against the unity government. They’re hoping that a major Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip will foil efforts to establish a unity government.”

Apprently their interference is working because Jpost is also reporting that Hamas and Fatah are still not playing nicely in the sand box.

The two sides, it turns out, have yet to agree on the distribution of portfolios in the unity government and on the identity of the new prime minister. Hamas is demanding at least 10 ministries, including the interior, finance and foreign affairs portfolios, while Fatah is insisting on receiving at least seven ministries. The differences also center on the political platform of the unity government and whether it should recognize Israel’s right to exist. While Hamas continues to stick to its position that the unity government should not recognize Israel, Abbas and Fatah want the platform to contain phrases that implicitly recognize Israel, such as a reference to the Arab peace plan of 2002, which talks about a two-state solution.

Moreover, Hamas is demanding assurances from Abbas that the international community will, after the formation of the unity government, lift financial sanctions imposed on the Palestinians. Abbas has thus far failed to obtain such a promise from the US and other members of the Quartet

WOOH! Didn’t Abbas just say yesterday that he has already received those promises? It seem that the only reason Hamas wants to do this is to lift the sanctions. Let me say this one more time , so my Democratic friends can hear. BY IMPOSING SANCTIONS AND REFUSING TO NEGOTIATE WITH A TERRORIST ENTITY—THE U.S. HAS PUSHED HAMAS TO SHARE POWER WITH FATAH…THEIR ENEMIES. Now that is something they won’t say on CNN. Maybe there is some merit in the President’s foriegn policy. I am not saying we have moved them even close to where we want them to be but the terrorists are beginning to buckl. Call me crazy, but I wonder what would happen if we kept up the pressure? Sadly, thanks to the new efforts by Spain and France to give in to terror, along with the encouragement of the Democratic Party, we may never know.