I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! This has to be proof that the end of the world is near. The Swiss Federal Ethics commission condemns the frivolous decapitation of flowers. HOLY MACKEREL ! We are talking about the government that JUST CUT 30+ Billion Natural Gas Deal with Iran, a country that has openly said it wants another Holocaust. We are talking about Switzerland the country that will trade money for morality EVERY step of the way. This is the Swiss whose banks STOLE MONEY FROM THE HOLOCAUST VICTIMS, denied them access to their accounts for decades–until they were publicly embarrassed to give up the records. AND THEY CARE ABOUT FLOWERS. This government does not give a rats ass about morality, only money.

Respect plants, say ethicists
Agence France-Presse
From correspondents in Geneva

April 15, 2008 08:24am

PLANTS deserve respect, a group of Swiss experts says, arguing that killing them arbitrarily is morally wrong – except when it comes to saving humans or maybe picking petals off a daisy. In a report on “the dignity of the creature in the plant world”, the federal Ethics Committee on non-human Gene Technology condemned the decapitation of flowers without reason, among other sins. Still, commission member Bernard Baertsche suggested the body weighed such cruel acts on a case by case basis, noting “the simple pleasure of picking the petals off a daisy might suffice as a reason”. Similarly “all action that involves plants in the aim to conserve the human species is morally justified,” the commission, tasked to offer an ethical take on all areas of biotechnology and genetic engineering, said in its report. Nor did the commission object to genetic engineering, since this did not threaten plants’ “autonomy – that is their capacity to reproduce or their capacity of adaptation”. And only a minority of the group’s members objected to patenting plants, with the majority ruling the action did not infringe on “their moral value”.