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NORWAY: Jewish children are not allowed to play outdoors

Jewish children norwayMuch thanks to TC for claims his “Norwegian is a bit rusty, but I’m sure you get the idea. This going on in a country where children regularly play alone outdoors without any supervision.

(Photo caption: Then foreign minister Kjell Magne Bondevik visiting the Jewish synagogue and kindergarten in 2002.)

Children of a Jewish kindergarten in Oslo are not allowed to play outdoors because adults fear terrorism. For four weeks the 28 children have had to stay indoors in the kindergarten that is adjacent to a synagogue in Oslo. The decision was made in meeting between the security personnel of the synagogue, Police Security Service (PST) and parents.

Kindergarten manager, Anne Stine Mazrachi, is afraid that something unpleasant may happen. During the war in Gaza, Hamas announced that Jewish institutions and Jews all over the world are targets of their revenge. The kindergarten is part of the congregation and synagogue. We have drawn the conclusion that it is not safe to let the kids out, said Mazrachi to Dagen Magazine.

Bullet Proof Windows
Other security measures are put into practice. The parents leave and pick up children at different times, and no one is left at home. All windows are bulletproof and close circuit TV shields access. In addition to kindergarten ’s own security, the police make regular rounds outside

Anne Stine Mizrachi thinks it is sad that people are not able to differentiate between being a Jew and Israel’s policy at any time. She is also concerned about the children.

We wonder what this does to children’s identity- that they are not permitted to go out and you must keep them hidden in a free country like Norway. During trips we cannot wear clothes that say “The Jewish Kindergarten,” she says.

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