I guess scores of rockets fired into Israel over the past week is not enough for the Norwegian Government. Or maybe they missed today’s interview with Hamas Television which was quoted on Israel Radio, Nizar Riyan, a leading member of the Islamic group´s political wing, said:”It is a definite decision within the organization that Israel will be removed from the map, to be replaced by a Palestinian state.” Riyan was also quoted as urging armed Palestinian factions to “Shell Ashkelon until its residents clear out, as did the residents of Sderot.”

Now Norway is determined to add some extra funding of Hamas efforts to destroy Israel. Today the foreign minister of Norway has announced that his country will be sending ten million dollars of aid directly into the PA’s account. Supposedly these funds were channeled into a “special” account that can’t be used for terrorist efforts, but come on, who are we fooling. Last time I looked Hamas was running the show. I do not believe that Foriegn Minister Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere is that naive as to think that Hamas will have nothing to do with those funds. I think that it more of the same old Norway Jew hatred (see Norway’s History of Hating Jews Continues). After all whats a few more dead Jews among friends.

Norway prepares first direct aid transfer to new PA gov’t

More than two months after Nordic country broke with most Western nations by recognizing Hamas-led coalition, Norwegian foreign minister says his country will transfer $10 million to Palestinian account

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Norway is set to make the first transfer of direct aid to the Palestinians’ new government, the foreign minister said Monday – more than two months after the Nordic country broke with most Western nations by recognizing the Hamas-led coalition.

“Palestinian Finance Minister Fayyad has now structured a financial account by which we can channel our support,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said. Norway soon will transfer $10 million to that account, Stoere said.

“I urge others to follow,” he said.

The creation last year of a Palestinian government led by terror-branded Hamas, which is committed to Israel’s destruction, caused the United States, European Union and others including Norway to withhold direct aid to the Palestinian Authority.

That suspension of direct aid led to an economic crisis in the Palestinian Authority, disrupting health care and other government-funded programs and halting infrastructure projects.

A new Palestinian government – including moderate Fatah party members and independents along with Hamas – took office March 17, and Norway became the first Western country to recognize it.

The EU, US and others, however, have refused to recognize the new Palestinian administration until Hamas agrees to renounce violence, recognizes Israel’s right to exist and accepts previous agreements between the Palestinians and Israel.

Norway is not an EU member, but often has followed the bloc’s lead in foreign policy matters. Stoere noted Monday that was not always the case, however, particularly in the Middle East.

“We agree on the strategy, but we may not apply the same tactics at every crossroads,” he told the Annual Europe Conference in Oslo. “We closely follow the 27 members of the EU, but we have to decide for ourselves, and it may happen that we make decisions that are distinctive.”

“We need to demonstrate that we are ready to engage, politically and financially,” with the Palestinian administration, Stoere said, adding that Norway was talking to all members of the Palestinian coalition. The US and the EU have met some non-Hamas members of the coalition.

Norway’s meetings with Palestinian officials also offer the Nordic country a means for protesting violence and rocket attacks on Israel launched from the Gaza Strip, Stoere said.

“It has to stop, and we keep on stressing this to the Palestinian leaders,” He said, but added that for this to happen “We need to engage and work with the their National Unity Government.”

Donor countries must encourage moderate forces in Palestinian areas, showing people there that working together politically, rather than violently, will improve their situation, he said.

“If this Palestinian Unity Government fails, then politics will fail. And the alternative to politics is violence,” he said.