According to Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to the terror organizations Hamas, al Qaeda and in the United States CAIR, is in no way an extremist organization and any thought in that direction is totally bogus:

CNN agrees, yesterday a CNN anchor described the Muslim Brotherhood as courageously campaigning on behalf of the poor in Egypt:

“I’m asking about the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that has tirelessly, and in many cases quite courageously, campaigned in elections, it has campaigned against the government, it has campaigned on behalf of the poor in Egypt. It has a long, long history in that country. What role should it have now?”

If CNN and ABC were the only sources, one would think that the Muslim Brotherhood was an off shoot of the Boy Scouts of America, that they spend their days helping old Egyptian mummies across the street.

Today those “Boy Scout” wannabes acted in a way that would surprised its network defenders.

Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

There are doubts about the loyalty of the Egyptian army to president Mubarak. If the brotherhood takes control over Egypt, it will be very messy from the whole region.

 Muhammed El Baradei who is described as the “pro-democracy” moderate leader in Egypt, who described the Muslim Brotherhood as moderate above, has been given permission to represent the terrorist group in discussions with the Egyptian Government.  El Baradei has never been a friend of the United States, especially after the US insisted that he not be granted another term as UN Nuclear Arms inspector.   El Baradei was seen as soft on Iran, and anti-Israel.

 But as my good friend Barry Rubin, who recently published a book on the Muslim Brotherhood points out, should  El Baradei lead a coalition government in Egypt, his opinions will have very little weight.

As one shrewd analyst remarks, “al-Baradei being put in power by the Muslim Brotherhood is effectively like the `moderate’ Miqati being put in power [as prime minister] in Lebanon by Hizballah. What matters is that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizballah are calling the shots.”

If you believe that  El Baradei, with no real political experience or any organized movement behind him, can dominate the Muslim Brotherhood, I have a bridge over the Nile I’ll sell you. But it’s even worse than that. It has been well-known in Egypt that much of  El Baradei’s presidential campaign has been run by the Brotherhood. He’s certainly not their puppet but to a considerable extent he is their pawn.

If you think that the only gas supplies cut off, will be Israel’s you  have another thing coming.  As the guardian of the Suez Canal and the 20% of the world’s Oil Supply that passes through those waters,  a Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt will threaten the energy supply of the United States and Europe as well as Israel.

Sadly CNN and ABC have their heads entrenched firmly in the sand, and if the Muslim Brotherhood gain control over Egypt, either on a “”de facto” or a “de jure” basis the prospects for a peaceful future for the United States or for Israel is in grave danger.