The vaccine for a virus whose survivability is better than 99% could mean the difference between life and death for a kidney transplant — and not in the way that you’d think.

Typically, if someone draws a cause-and-effect relationship using the words’ difference between life and death’ and describing a medical procedure, you would safely assume that the medical procedure would be saving the life. But this story flips that script.

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We have a woman whose life can be saved by a kidney transplant, and without it, she’s likely to die.

Everything about whether she lives or dies will ultimately hinge on … the COVID vaccine? That’s right. Unless she and her donor friend boh agree to get ‘the jab,’ medical staff — who swore a Hippocratic oath — will deny her the surgery that could save her life.

In August, there was no policy requiring a COVID vaccine to go through transplant surgery. By September, that had changed entirely, as shown by the letter one patient received.

“The transplant team at University of Colorado Hospital has determined that it is necessary to place you inactive on the waiting list. You will be inactivated on the list for non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine. You will have 30 days to begin the vaccination series. If your decision is to refuse COVID vaccination you will be removed from the kidney transplant list. You will continue to accrue waiting time, but you will not receive a kidney offer while listed inactive. Once you complete the COVID vaccination series you will be reactivated on the kidney transplant list pending any other changes in your health condition.”

That letter from The University of Colorado Health hospital wasn’t just cruel. It was dishonest. Leilani Lutali, 56, isn’t waiting for a match to be produced for her… she has a friend, Jaimee Fougner, 45, who has volunteered to be a living donor— giving one of her own kidneys to save Leilani’s life.


How serious is Leilani’s condition?

Kidney failure, sometimes called end stage renal failure or stage 5 kidney disease, is the most serious form of chronic kidney disease. It means that more than 80% of your kidney function is gone and you need treatment to survive. Complications include fluid retention, anemia, and bone or heart disease. Dialysis, a treatment that cleans your blood of dangerous waste products, can address kidney failure and extend life expectancy. If you are a candidate for a kidney transplant and have a donor match, a successful transplant can offer you a normal life span.

Without dialysis or a transplant, life expectancy for people with kidney failure usually ranges from days to weeks. There is no cure for kidney failure, but treatment can extend your life by years.

Absent treatment, she could be stone dead in “days to weeks.”

And their primary concern is strongarming her to get the shot? They’re giving her a 30-day ultimatum? That hardly seems sporting of them.

What is the medical rationale for that strongarming tactic, exactly?

Our ‘experts’ have long since conceded that being vaccinated does not prevent ‘breakout cases’… meaning she could contract COVID regardless of whether or not she gets the shot.

Those same experts concede that vaccinated and unvaccinated people can infect others if they contract COVID.

By those standards alone, one could conclude that while vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated status might change patient outcomes on her part if she got sick, her status does nothing to impact the risk profile of other people with whom she might come in contact.

That puts this decision squarely in the realm of bureaucratic red tape while having nothing whatever to do with reasonable medical precautions.

We don’t have to wonder how the patient feels about the corner she’s been backed into. She’s told us: ‘I feel coerced. I feel like my life is being held in their hands in exchange for a shot, and the attitude is just take the shot.’

Lutali said she has religious concerns with the vaccines, as well as concerns that the vaccine would not be effective after receiving immunosuppressant drugs post-surgery.

“Both from a religious standpoint, and from doing some reading, I’m not certain that this is the right way to go,” she said. “The shot’s relatively new, and as a consumer, I’m not an early adopter, I wait and see what’s going on. I feel like I’m being coerced into not being able to wait and see, and that I have to take the shot if I want this life-saving transplant.”

Lutali’s potential donor, Jaimee Fougner, said she was also told she would not be eligible for the surgery since she is unvaccinated as well.

“When I explained that no, I wouldn’t be able to take the COVID shot, then the comment was, well your journey ends here, because we require all of our donors and recipients to have the COVID-19 vaccine,” Fougner said.

“I’m a strong no on the vaccine, for sure,” she said. “We’re talking about compromising my morals, for her right to have a surgery,” Fougner said, claiming religious concerns for not being vaccinated.”

The same strong religious convictions on which she objects to the vaccine are the ones motivating her to donate a kidney to a recent acquaintance in the first place. You see, they only met 10 months ago — in a Bible Study group.

Before you blow off their concerns as unfounded, it is worth noting that, just this week, we are seeing reports that remind us the vaccine is not without risks. Even vax-boosting CNN acknowledged this story.

A King County, Washington, woman has died from a rare blood clotting syndrome after receiving the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, according to a statement posted online by Public Health — Seattle & King County.

The woman, who was in her late 30s, was vaccinated on August 26 and died on September 7 from thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, known as TTS. It’s a rare and potentially deadly clotting event that has been linked with the J&J vaccine. —CNN

Gee, that sounds just like the kind of side effect that are among the donor is cautious about becoming an ‘early adopter.’

But what does the hospital care, really? It’s not as though THEY will be the ones dying if she doesn’t dance to their tune.

This pandemic is ripping the mask off of a lot of ‘Nurse Ratcheds ‘in today’s health field, isn’t it?

Jeff Note: I have had the two Pfizer shots, as had my wife and children. Personally, my recommendation to everyone is to consult with their doctor and, if given the okay, get vaccinated. However, force should be left out of it.  It should be a personal choice if and when someone gets the poke,

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