As I was drinking my 20-ounce soda and eating a heavily salted slice of pizza (with extra trans-fats), hanging out at a friend’s house waiting for the electric power and heat to be restored to my home,  this news flash appeared in my email box from many different news sources.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday backed President Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, saying the incumbent Democrat will bring leadership that is critically needed to fight climate change after the East Coast devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

The endorsement from the politically independent and popular third-term mayor was a major boost for Obama, who is spending the campaign’s final days trying to win over independent voters whose voices will be critical in determining who wins Tuesday’s election.

Apparently this is big news, but the real news is why anybody thinks its big news. It is astonishing how anyone would think that NYC Mayor Mommie would not endorse Barack Obama.   This is the guy who wants to control absolutely everything in your life, what you eat (no salt), what you drink (small sodas), bans trans-fats from restaurants, smoking out doors, driving on streets, told city hospitals to hide baby formula and insist that new moms breast feed. Bloomberg (like Obama) will publicly trash you if you dare to say terrorism has anything to do with radical Islamists. And we are surprised because???

If I was Mitt Romney, I would run ads on every TV Station and in every newspaper that reached a coal-mining county in Ohio and Pennsylvania I would show Bloomberg’s endorsement followed by these Bloomberg news flashes:

  • In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg Donated $50 Million To The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign For The Express Purpose Of Pushing Back Against The Coal Industry,

  • Mayor Bloomberg: “Ending Coal Power Production Is The Right Thing To Do…” 

What about the rest of the country? Come on. Lets be real! Outside of NY, NJ, Conn. and Mass. and possibly California, do you really think anybody really cares what Micheal Bloomberg thinks?  And I have a prediction, each of those states mentioned will be going for Obama whoever Mayor Mommy endorsed.

Now I know CNNs Piers Morgan said the endorsement was huge, but that just proves my point–he is a progressives progressive. The only thing huge about this endorsement is my laughter at the people who believe this is a big deal.