Yesterday there were indications that the TSA might be stepping back from its humiliating new screening process where passengers get a choice of submitting to an X-Ray machine which creates a nude picture of the people who step through its portal or getting your “junk” groped by a TSA agent.

Today, TSA head John Pistole made it clear that there is no walk back. In a breakfast with the Christian Science monitor, Pistole said that if passengers want to get on a plane, they will have to take the Hobson’s choice either being humiliated or not flying.

“I see flying as a privilege. That is public safety issue so the government has a role in providing public safety and we need to do everything we can in partnership with the public to inform them about what their options are,” Pistole said at a breakfast with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor. “Passengers have a number of options as you go through screening. Bottom line is if someone decides they don’t want to have screening, they don’t have a right to get on the plane.”

 In other words, “Can’t See London, Can’t See France, Till We See Your Underpants

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There have been tons of horror stories about the procedure so far,

One ABC News employee said the security officer put her hand inside her underwear and felt her way around. Thomas Sawyer, a bladder cancer survivor, said he was left covered in his own urine after a pat-down broke his urostomy bag.

Pistole has admitted that those screenings went too far, and that the biggest challenge the agency is facing is how to implement security procedures while respecting a passenger’s privacy.

“The goal is to be as least invasive as possible while still detecting the type of bombs we saw on Christmas day,” he said. “We want to treat each passenger with dignity and respect.”

Of course there was that one person, lawyer Gloria Allred who enjoyed the process because it was the first time she was touched in a very long time.

Pistole warns against people participating in Wednesday’s opt out day protest.

The procedure could be “potentially complicated by a group of people protesting,” Pistole said. “If they don’t protest then we’ll just have the normal crush of travelers. People should plan on some more time.”

 All this is a result of the politically correct attitude, that prevents our country from doing what is needed. (see These Are The Reasons Why Israel’s Airline Security Doesn’t Need To Touch Our Junk)

 UPDATE : New Poll-  70% of Americans Want The TSA To Adopt Israeli-Type Airport Security Measures