Long before President Trump’s public scolding of NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) was donating some of their dues to organizations also backed by George Soros. These groups support liberal causes and are part of the “resist” President Trump movement.

2nd Vote, a conservative organization that tracks corporations and organizations funding of liberal causes, is reporting that the NFLPA has donated to many leftist groups including a prominent anti-Trump resistance group called the Center for Community Change Action (CCC). A recent Washington Free Beacon scoop explains the Center for Community Change Action has “been involved in direct action against President Donald Trump and Republicans before and after the November elections.”

Per the latest available CCC Annual Report (2015)  which is embedded below NFL Players Association and George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society and the Soros funded Tides Foundation donates to help support of the center’s work. One example of that work was a 2016 election effort targeting voters in swing states who might object to the President’s policy on illegal immigrants:

In 2016, The Center for Community Change Action and the Immigrant Voters Win PAC targeted over 700,000 low-propensity Latino and Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in Nevada, Colorado and Florida. Our multilayered, metrics driven program operated 15 canvass offices, completed more than 1.7 million door knocks, sent 1.2 million pieces of mail, made 638,566 phone calls and sent more than 1.9 million SMS alerts.

Presently they are working to defeat Ed Gillespie in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race

CCC is not the only liberal/ anti-Trump cause supported by the NFL Players,

NFLPA financially supported at least two more left-wing, anti-Trump activist groups. Two of the union’s last three tax filings (20132015) show donations to Working America, a Steyer-supported organization that used Craigslist in Cleveland, Ohio to apparently recruit paid activists to protest the 2016 GOP convention. The NFLPA’s 2014 tax filing shows a donation to Jobs With Justice, another organization backed by Soros that actively opposes the president’s tax cuts.

The NFL players’ support of liberal, anti-Trump causes aligned with progressive sugar daddy George Soros gives context to the protest started by Colin Kaepernick and the reaction to President Trump’s criticism. In his book, The Age of Fallibility: The Consequences of the War on Terror, Soros said:

 “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. This is a harsh — indeed, for me, painful — thing to say, but unfortunately I am convinced it is true.”

When one looks at the causes they support and who they align with,  it seems quite natural for the players to dishonor a country that despite its imperfections, is still the greatest and freest Nation the history of mankind.



CCC Annual Report 2015 by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd