For many people, coffee is the elixir of life. But now liberals want to take that away from you, too, just like they do everything you love.

The leftist scolds are never satisfied, of course. They want to take away your car, take away your home, take away your stove, take away your air-conditioner, take away your chocolate, take away your air travel… in short, there really isn’t much they don’t want to take away from us all (but not for them).

Now they are after your coffee.

Why? In obeisance to their global warming religion, naturally.

This outrage comes from Hubert Keller, who was listed as an “agenda contributor” at the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, according to The New York Post.

In the viral video, Keller claims that coffee production results in tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

“Basically, the coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee. So, we should all know that this is — every time we drink coffee, we are basically putting CO2 into the atmosphere,” he said.

“Most of the coffee plantation,” he continued, “most of the coffee’s produced through monoculture, and monoculture is also affected by climate change. The quality of these nature assets is deteriorating quite rapidly.”

Tim Hinchliffe was right on when he pointed out that the WEF panel said that the coffee industry is “fragmented.” Hinchliffe perfectly explained what that really means.

“They’re going after coffee farmers. When he says production is ‘fragmented,’ he’s saying it has yet to be captured by corporations & centralized. The coffee farmers in the globalist-termed ‘global south’ are to be stripped of their livelihoods in the name of climate justice,” he wrote.

Hinchliffe is exactly right.

It isn’t really an end to coffee that these fascist elitists want. They want to keep coffee — at least for themselves. What they want is the 100 percent control of the coffee industry. And every other industry, for that matter.

These people want you completely enthrall to them. They hate freedom, they hate democracy, they hate anything that does not lead to their total control.

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