When I first read the rumors that the liberal media was spreading about Sarah Palin and her daughter in the Saturday papers I got very angry, first it was that Palin wasn’t the mother of her own son, then the half-truths about the “trooper gate” or making a big deal out of a 22 year old DUI or a fishing license violation. The media call it a lack of vetting, I call it Much ado about nothing.

I woke up this morning wondering which lies will be next–what will our biased media do now to try to destroy this good person. I had no choice I had to send my Cousin Ben to find out.

Ben worked for military intelligence back in the 1980’s. He is an expert in disguise a master in interpreting data. Ben found himself spying on a meeting between the Obama campaign and their friends in the liberal media (the picture on the left is Ben leaving the room where the Obama campaign plans their attacks)

When the phone rang lunchtime I knew it was Ben (either that or my mom asking me if I ate a healthy breakfast).

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It was Ben, and he got right to it. ” Sammy, I would never have thought it, but the Democrats and their press friends have have dug up more scandals to that they plan to attack Sarah Palin with. Check your email in five minutes.” And with that, there was a quick flushing sound and he was gone.

And sure enough within five minutes this email popped into my email box. The Subject was “Scandals that the Press Plans to use as Attacks on Sarah Palin”

  • Carelessness? When she was in kindergarten she made a “poopy” in her diaper TWICE
  • Rough with Other’s Feelings? In third grade she got into a fight with Tommy Jones and Pulled his hair, Tommy did not need medical attention, but it is understood that he cried to is mother for AT LEAST AN HOUR
  • Disrespect of Authority? When She was 12 Sarah’s Parents instructed her to go to bed early. She ignored their punishment a read a book with a flashlight, UNDER THE COVERS!
  • Promisquous ? As a Teen she used to keep pictures of strange men in her bedroom (the men’s names were Bobby Sherman and DONNY OSMOND!!!!
  • SARAH PALIN HAS COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. In fact she does it almost every day when she gets dressed.
  • Beholden to Big Business? Sarah Palin has Privately given money to BIG OIL. Every time she has put gas in her car.
  • A Bad Mother? On June 7th 2002 she was supposed to bring home a gallon of milk on her way home from work–SHE FORGOT!!

As you can see all of the scandals and accusations are of the same quality of what the media has shoved at us since Sarah Palin was announced as McCain’s VP Pick. The only REAL scandal is that these people in the Mainstream Media continue to hold down a paycheck. The truth is that it would have been easy to keep the story of Sarah Palin’s daughter out of the press. All they had to do is say that John Edwards was the father of the baby.