Many conservatives point to the Newt Gingrich/Nancy Pelosi global warming commercial as a dent in the former speakers conservative credentials. In the (embedded below) Gingrich sits on a couch with Pelosi,  with the Capitol building as a background saying, that while they don’t agree on many issues, “we do agree our country must take action to address climate change.” The commercial was one in a series created and placed by Al Gore’s Repower America Campaign.

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Newt makes no apologies for his support of the climate change myth, despite criticism from all over the right  including Rush Limbaugh, who argued on his radio show that the former Georgia congressman had been aiding the “enemy.”

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Capitol Hill’s most outspoken skeptic on global warming science, said he’s keeping a close eye on the Republican candidates.

“Huckabee has been a little bit soft on the issue,” he said. Of Gingrich, Inhofe noted, “He was on the stage with Nancy Pelosi at one time. I know he’d just assume people forget that, but at that point it appeared that side was going to win.”

“I’d do a commercial with Al Gore,” Newt said to Human Events last year, “My point is conservatives ought to be prepared to stand on the same stage and offer a conservative solution.” Not offering the possibility that the man-made climate change story was not true, despite the growing evidence.

Indeed back in 2007 Gingrich was supposed to debate John Kerry on the issue of climate change, but the debate never happened.  Gingrich showed up, but he agreed with Kerry.

He [Kerry] tried, at first, to lure Gingrich into a confrontation. “The essence of what I just heard from Newt,” he said, is that climate change is “not such a crisis that we have to respond quickly.”

Gingrich protested this mischaracterization. “We’re not arguing over whether it should be urgent,” he said.

Kerry persisted: “We’re arguing over the level of the urgency.”  

“The question of urgency isn’t what’s being debated here,” Gingrich repeated.

Finally, Kerry relented. “I’m excited to hear you talk about the urgency,” he said. But “what would you say to Senator [Jim] Inhofe [R-Okla.] and to others in the Senate who are resisting even the science?”

Gingrich didn’t hesitate. “My message,” he said, “is that the evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading of the atmosphere.” The pro-Kerry crowd applauded.

“And do it urgently?” the senator pressed.

“And do it urgently, yeah,” the former speaker replied.

Allow me to be clear, Newt Gingrich is certainly entitled to his opinion, and if he truly has conservative green ideas, I would love to see them.  But first the entire man-made climate change theory must be proven.  At this point there is much science proving that it is nothing but a hoax. Newt is a very bright man, he certainly knows this, so his fondness for the climate change nonsense seems more like a way to expand his support base. That is not leadership, it’s pandering.

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