Wow This is HUGE! In a scientific Newsbusted exclusive, Anchor Jodi Miller reports that medical researchers have determined that watching Chris Matthews on TV may cause mental impairment.  Actually its not just the tingling Matthews that causes the problem, but all of the MSNBC hosts.  Learn all about this story in today’s episode of Newsbusted, the twice weekly program from

Other reports included in today’s edition include; the backdoor way Italy is getting US Dollars for a bail-out, the unusual mix of products that caused this week slight retail sales jump, the Administration’s reaction to the rogue UBS trader who recently blew 2 BILLION dollars, and much much more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted. Because if you miss it, Pat Buchanan will show up at your house wearing his Nazi uniform and demanding that you “Sign Ze Papers!”

Oh and if you cant see the video below click here.