Presidential Adviser, Billionaire to the Stars and spokesman for the under-taxed Warren Buffet has a new scheme to close the budget-gap: canine taxation. Not all dogs, Buffett  wants to tax one particular puppy in Georgia. Learn all about this strange declaration in an exclusive report from Jodi Miller, anchor of Newsbusted the twice weekly program from

Other reports included in today’s edition include the personal message given to President Obama by the Prime Minister of Japan moments before he resigned from office, Obama’s weird response to Iran President Ahmadinejad’s latest call for the destruction of Israel, Congressman Elijah Cummings explains his comment that Obama is being treated unfairly, Charlie Sheen’s reaction to Ashton Kutcher’s huge Two and a Half Men salary and Paris Hilton’s possible name change.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted. Because if you do, President Obama will schedule his next speech to be broadcast from your bathroom timed for when you “really gotta go.”

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